How To Grow And Care For Daisies

How to grow and care for daisies in your garden.

Daisies are both beautiful and easy to grow which makes them a very popular choice in the garden. They do well in flowerbeds and containers. When cut, daisies are perfect in arrangements indoors or in a vase. Bright, cheerful daisies are also popular for use in corsages.

There are many varieties of daisies and they range in height from one to three feet tall. Most daisies are perennials, meaning they will continue to grow back year after year. The African daisy is one of the exceptions. It is an annual and must be replanted every year.

Shasta daisies are by far the most popular and come in either single or double blooming white with yellow centers. Painted daisies come in all shades of pink, red, lavender as well as white.

Daisies can be started from seeds sown directly in the garden. They will begin blooming the second year after planting. Choose a well-protected area of the garden that has rich, well-drained soil and receives plenty of sunshine. Mix some compost into the existing garden soil. Level the area and then use a hoe or rake to scratch the top of the soil and toss seeds directly on top. Lightly cover with about 1/8 of an inch of soil. Be sure to keep the area moist until the seeds have germinated.

Once the daisy seedlings are two or three inches tall, thin them to one plant per twelve inches of space. Water them only when they appear dry. The young plants can be transplanted to their permanent spots in early fall or the following spring.

If you prefer that your daisies bloom the first year, you will need to start the seeds indoors, six to eight weeks before the last frost date in your area. Be sure to harden your seedlings off before planting them outdoors. Do this by bringing them outside for several hours a day for a couple of weeks to them get acclimated to their new environment.

The easiest way to start growing daisies in your garden is to purchase young plants at your local gardening center where you will find a wide variety of plants that are best suited to your particular area to choose from. When planting these make sure not to plant them any deeper then they were already growing in the container. Water the newly planted daisies thoroughly until they take root. Afterwards water only in times of drought or when they appear dry. Use fertilizer once a month during the growing stage.

Daisies look best when planted in groups of plants or clumps. Every three to four years you will need to dig up and divide your daisy plants to avoid overcrowding. An overcrowded daisy bed will produce small blooms and can lead to unhealthy plants. Daisies are rarely bothered by insects or disease which adds to their popularity and makes them a favorite for the beginning gardener.

In colder climates it is recommended that you cover your daisies with a heavy mulch in the winter to protect them.

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