How To Grow Expert Roses

Tips for growing an expert rose garden and nurturing your plants to produce beautiful blooms.

Roses are the most beautiful flowers you can grow and they are appreciated so widely that they are shown and bred for their unique qualities and unmatched beauty. You may think of the red rose when you think of roses, or even of white, but roses come in a stunning array of dazzling colors and new strains are being developed all the time. If you want to grow roses, you will need to put a lot of work into the plants to get them to produce well, but you will be rewarded by the results.

The best time to plant roses is in the spring. Roses can be grown from seeds but this is very difficult and time consuming. It is best to start with a bush if you want to see blooms anytime soon. Roses like to be planted in full sun though there are a few varieties that can tolerate shade, they usually need at least 6 hours of full sunlight to reach their optimum conditions. Be sure to place some sort of mulch underneath your rose bushes to minimize weeds and help keep nutrients locked into the soil.

There are many different types of fertilizers on the market but the most important ingredients your roses need in a fertilizer are phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. Be sure your fertilizer contains these ingredients to produce a healthier plant. Never use rose fertilizer that contains systemic insecticides as these can cause your plants to yellow and be damaged in other ways. Feed your roses according to the recommendations on the package of fertilizer.

After sun, water is the next most important ingredient for roses. Roses like to be watered at least 2-3 times per week and they need a good dousing of at least 30 minutes. To keep away pests, hose your plants down at least one time every week. Keep an eye on your leaves and be sure spider mites or other pests don't take over your plants. There are many different parasites of roses and the problems with your plants are easy to diagnose with a good description of the problem.

When you cut your beautiful blooms, immediately immerse them in water and cut the stems again under water. This keeps air from entering the stem and causing premature wilting and dying of your flower. Enjoy the scent and sight of your beautiful roses and if you take good care of them, your bushes will last forever.

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