About Grupo Sorriso Maroto

By Aaron Ponce

  • Overview

    The popular Brazilian group Grupo Sorriso Maroto is a five-member band that performs traditional Brazilian music. Their songs can be either rhythmic and upbeat or slower and more romantic.
  • Members

    Grupo Sorriso Maroto is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The group consists of five male musicians; leading the group on vocals is Bruno, who also occasionally plays tambourine. Another member, Cris, is the principle tambourine player of the group. Grupo Sorriso Maroto's main percussionist is Fred, who plays the "surdo," a large bass drum that sets a low-frequency rhythm. The fourth member, Sergio, plays the guitar, or "violao," as it is known in Portuguese. The final member of the group is Vinicius, who plays keyboards.
  • History

    The group was first formed in 1997 by the principle tambourine player and then vocalist, Cris. Later, vocalist Bruno reformed Grupo Sorriso Maroto to become a five-member group. The members started out playing only for entertainment. Soon after, the group decided to dedicate their lives to music after experiencing significant success.

  • Sound

    Grupo Sorriso Maroto, which literally means "The Naughty Smile Group," performs songs that can best be categorized as traditional Brazilian music. The group's sound is heavily influenced by the traditional Brazilian genres "samba" and "pagode." In terms of the variety of songs that the group performs, Grupo Sorriso Maroto manages to strike a balance between producing both upbeat songs and slower songs. Their sound has been compared to other popular Brazilian groups such as So Pra Contrariar and Soweto.
  • Career

    The group has achieved a significant level of popularity in Brazil and throughout Latin America. Grupo Sorriso Maroto often performs to sold out audiences in their native country of Brazil. Their career has been highlighted by a number of studio albums, live albums and singles, including the song "Faz Assim."
  • Discography

    As of early 2009, Grupo Sorriso Maroto has produced three studio albums and two live albums. The group's studio albums with their years of production include: Sorriso Maroto (2002), Por Voce (2003) and E Diferente (2006). Grupo Sorriso Maroto's live albums include: Por Voce-Ao Vivo (2005) and the double-disc E Diferente-Ao Vivo (2007). The group has also released two DVDs of their live albums. Grupo Sorriso Maroto's albums have spawned a number of hits, including "A Primeira Namorada" and "Amanha."
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