A Guide To Attractions In Savannah

There are a multitude of interesting and fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia.

You could easily spend a week in Savannah and not see and do everything. If time is an issue, the first place to go is River Walk. It is packed with shops and restaurants to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. The shops are varied and offer something for everyone. Red Hatters, and Harley Davidson enthusiasts will find plenty of souvenirs to take home, as well as antique buffs, T-shirt collectors and those looking for nice clothing and jewelry. You will find excellent seafood and wine or drinks at the many quiet pubs and restaurants tucked between the shops.

The River Walk is made from old cobblestones and follows along the Savannah River. There are numerous places to sit and watch the people walking by or to admire the river. There is always something interesting going on, sometimes an old saxophone player or a man making roses out of palm fronds. There are ice cream and fudge shops if you need a sugar boost during your visit.

A trolley ride through the historic district is very informative and fun. You can get on and off at numerous places. You will see magnificent old homes built around beautiful parks, old churches, and more shopping at the City Market. There are many, many small shops, bookstores and restaurants within one easy walking distance. The parks, or squares, as they are called in Savannah are very shady and pleasant, You may happen on a wedding, a jazz band, or some other special event taking place in any of the twenty-two squares that are carefully landscaped and beautifully maintained. Giant oak trees offer shade. Wrought iron benches beckon to you to sit awhile.

If you have not yet read "Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil" you can buy a copy, perhaps autographed, to read while you're there. In this city, you just have to say "the book" and everyone knows what you are talking about. There is even a tour that allows you to visit all the important places in the book including Bonaventure Cemetery that has some of the most beautiful statuary anywhere.

For those who want to spend time on the water, there are dolphin watch tours, and dinner cruises that can be booked on River Walk. If you like the beach, Tybee Island is close by with nice white beaches looking out on the Atlantic and its very own lighthouse, which you can climb. Deep-sea fishing is available as well.

Oatland Island Educational Center and the Savannah National Wildlife Preserve are for those interested in nature. You drive through the Preserve at your own pace. Both of these areas allow you to experience the natural environment that is uniquely Savannah.

Museums that feature the railroad, the sea, art, history and civil rights are here also. If you like to visit old homes, there are several you may want to visit. The Isaiah Davenport House Museum is considered to be an almost perfect example of Georgian style architecture.

The Colonial Coast Birding Trail runs 112 miles along the Georgia coast and originates in Savannah. It offers numerous stops to glimpse the many varieties of birds often seen in the area.

Savannah is home to its own symphony and a theater for the performing arts.

If you like ghosts, there are some tours that will show you where they are likely to be, and all about the places they live.

Savannah offers a wide range of hotels and motels for many different budgets. Because it is a convention city, you probably should make reservations if you want something near River Walk or in the Historic District. Many different corporations and groups come to Savannah for their national conferences because of the desirable accommodations and sumptuous food. The city offers some of the best seafood found anywhere.

Savannah is steeped in history and much of it has been preserved for you to see and savor, hopefully at a leisurely pace. Savannah is a very proud city and is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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