Guide To Buying Dance Apparel

Whether you're into tap, hip hop, jazz or ballet, useful information on the right apparel for your needs.

Just as your style and versatility are displayed through dance you chose, so is the apparel which you chose to dance in.From hip hop to ballet, you must dress for the part and comfort of your particular genre.

For centuries, those who dance have been looked upon as though they were almost royalty.From the belly dancers of the middle east, to the premier ballerina's from western Europe, each has their own style of dress to differentiate them from the others.

Your choices for dance apparel, although on a much simpler level, do need to reflect your chosen art. For ballet, the traditional spandex or Lycra bodysuit with a long, flowing skirt or tu-tu tied together with tights and the most important shoe.

Ballet shoes are not the same as pointe shoes as ballet shoes are more like a slipper than an actual shoe, and pointe shoes have a flat, metal insert at the tip of the shoe to easy balance when standing on the tip, or pointe.Although the two dances share similar dress, the dances themselves can be quite different as pointe focuses primarily on walkingand dancing on the very tip of your toe.

Lyric and ballet do require the same dress - the same basic bodysuit, tights, skirt and ballet slippers.The difference is in the movements, as lyric focuses more on the feelings from within the dancer brought to life through the art of dance.Lyric is also considered to be a modern ballet with lyrics to the music instead of the traditional melodies of ballet.

Taping your way into the right attire for tap?Look no further than a good pair of tap shoes.Tap shoes can be found at almost any discount or regular priced shoe store, specialty dance shops or even at department stores across the country.For the best in your tap shoes, be sure to break them in for a few weeks before tapping into class.They will help you perform your best when the shoe had molded properly to your foot and the taps have loosened up.

As for the rest of tap attire, for practice and class you'll do better if you dress for comfort while keeping loose pant cuffs as far away from theshoe as possible.Pant cuffs have been known to get caught in the tap itself and can have devastating consequences.Shorts or spandex pants are usually the bottom of choice for practice.But hold on when it's performance time!These costumesare truly an art form all it's own adorn with sequins, top hats, canes, umbrellas and whatever other accessory that you can come up with to coordinate your song to your costume.

As for jazz, comfort is the key to a great rehearsal or dance class.Jazz boots are really the only required item, and sometimes they are not required at all depending on the song of choice.Jazz costumes and dress are more vibrant in color and can range from traditional to trendy in style.Whatever the case may be,dressing for success in jazz is a large portion of playing the part.By dressing for the song of choice, you can actually teach yourself to feel the music and gain the attitude of a performer.

Get your mambo shoes out as ballroom is next on our list!While the men in ballroom dancing are usually forced to wear the formal and uncomfortable tuxedo, the ladies of the ball are traditionally adorn with long, flowing evening gowns with very uncomfortable dance shoes.Don't panic yet, for during dance class and practice sessions you will be able to wear any comfortable work-out clothes that you wish.Ladies, you will eventually need to practice with your dance shoes on, but it's safe to say that you will have to learn the basic steps first before attempting them with your dance shoes.

Belly dancing is my favorite as there are no painful shoes involved.In fact, there are no shoes involved at all.This traditional dance which concentrates of hip and arm movements while keeping the torso still isn't as popular as it once was, as the proper attire is difficult to find in mainstream America.But rest assured that as long as your belly is showing, you can find local classes scattered around at a few dance schools or your local recreational center.Just keep your eyes open and your shoes off.

Our final dance destination is that of the more modern era entitled hip hip.The apparel of choice?Straight up regular street wear.In fact, the more street, the better.This dancing style has the most synchronized movements of any dance in history with it's simultaneous arm, leg, hand, hip and foot movements.Dress light for this style as you will be breaking out a major sweat.

So whatever your dance preference be sure to dress in comfort for practice with the right shoes for the job, and dress the part for your performance to bring out the attitude of a dancer in you.

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