A Guide To Buying Pets For Kids

The best age to allow your child to have a pet and how to teach them to be responible for it. Tips on expectations and the reality of expenses.

When you're out in the park with your child and see another child with their pet, it's such a wonderful sight. That's when your child might decide they want a pet to play with in the park also. Every child needs a pet, but are they at the right age to have one and keep up with the responsibility of taking care of it? What looks so easy and a lot of fun is also a lot of hard work. Can your child live up to doing that hard work and are they ready to be responsible for it?

Most children, especially ones that do not have sisters or brothers, usually want a pet. You as the parent have to decide if they are at the right age to have one. If your child is still a toddler and just beginning to walk and talk themselves, they're not ready yet to have a pet. You're still taking care of them and a pet will only be an added responsibility for you. You should wait until your child reaches the age of five or older to get an animal.

Once a child is five or older they are pretty much independent of you and can start having some small responsibilities of their own. Let them know once they get this animal, it's their responsibility to take care of it and let you know as the parent when something is needed for the animal. Do not start off taking care of it for them, because they will not get into the habit that is needed by them to take care of their own animal. You needed to start them off by themselves on any procedures that has to take place to take care of this animal. This will teach them how to be fully responsible for the upkeep of their pet and will not have you involved. Most parents start off doing it themselves and helping out. This is the wrong thing to do, you want them to be totally responsible for their animal, since they wanted a pet and not you. That's why you, the parent, need to wait until your child is older so they can handle and understand what it takes to have any type of animal and how to take care of them.

Pets are nice to have for the entire family to enjoy. If you already have a pet when your child is born, it's still your responsibility to take care of them. If you did not have any animals until you had children and they wanted them, it's their responsibility to take care of them. You the parent is responsible for teaching this to your child. This responsibility will get them ready for other responsibilities they will have in their life. Your child having an animal is good for two reasons: it teaches them responsibility and it gives them a great companion to be with. Whatever pet you decide to let your child have, whether they are big or small, or if you let them have more than one pet, teach your child from day one it's their responsibility to take care of it, along with enjoying it.

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