A Guide To Collecting Antique Italian Pottery

Many people collect antiques, in order to give their homes a more traditional or artistic look. But some antique collectors are looking for specific items to add to a room in their home. Antique Italian pottery is a lovely addition, and is easier to find than most people may think.

When you're looking for antique Italian pottery, you can always buy replicas from affordable furniture or accessory stores, like Pier 1, SteinMart, or Marshall's, and the pieces look just as good as the 'real thing.' And, prices are not bad, either--you'll usually pay no more than $60 for a large Italian-style vase at these stores. However, if you've just got to have the genuine article, not to worry--there are plenty of places, both online and off, where you can find Italian pottery in a variety and shapes, sizes, and prices.

For online resources, you can try a site like Ebay, which has antique items added almost every day. While the selection for antique pottery is great, it's best for you to check the site as often as you can to make sure you're not being outbid; it's also a good idea to bid on more than one item so that you're chances of being able to purchase something you like will increase. You can also visit other sites that exclusively feature pottery auctions, such as Smith and Jones, a company that specializes in selling both European and American art pottery. Keep in mind that the prices for these items could get rather expensive; well into the thousands, (usually more than on Ebay), but you can be sure that the pieces will last long, and that not too many people will have similar pieces in their homes.

It also helps to have a good idea of what you want when you're searching for antiques; this will help you to stay within your price range and match up items with what you already have at home as far as decorations go. You should also decide which time period you want the Italian pottery to be from; different historical periods in art will produce pottery that is a variety of colors as opposed to just black or gray, and you can also find pottery in a variety of shapes, like animal or plan replicas, or other abstract shapes.

If you're lucky, you can also find antique Italian pottery at yard or garage sales. In many cases, people may not know the exact value of older furniture items in their homes, or they may just be looking to get rid of things that don't suit their taste anymore. If you're already a fan of garage sales, chances are you've found some pretty great items there before. Again, have a decorative theme in mind, even if you're just browsing at a yard sale. You don't want to bring something else home that will sit in the attic until you decide to have your own garage sale.

Trade shows are also another great place to find antique pottery at fairly affordable prices. It's also more likely that you'll be able to find out the history behind each piece at a trade show, which always make the purchase more fulfilling for historian-types, or those of Italian heritage. Trade shows may not come to your town often, so you can search online for a schedule of antique trade shows that will keep you updated on shows in your city or surrounding areas.

Of course, if none of these things quite work out for you, you can always go back to Pier 1--after all, it's right around the corner, and no one will ever know the difference.:)

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