Guide To False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are not just for costume parties or for those who want a bold, long eyelash look, but are available in subtle designs and elegant styles.

Do you have yet another wedding to go to and want a new, stunning look? Are you looking for an instant eye makeover? False eyelashes are available in every imaginable shade, style and quality. Whether you are looking for a dramatic or a subtle look, it has never been easier to find the right eyelashes.

One of the most popular brands of fake eyelashes is Ardell, which has a remarkable selection of styles. The lashes are made of a synthetic, hair-like fiber and can be applied with adhesive strips. Ardell Fashion Lashes come in short and long varieties and they are gently curled for a subtle, classic look. Two pairs of lashes cost $4.50, a good value compared with other lashes on the market. For a night on the town or a special occasion, try Ardell Elegant Eyes eyelashes. Each style, including Glamorous, Romantic, Sophisticated, Stunning and Stylish is enhanced with sparkling rhinestones and costs $3.50 a pair. For a completely natural look, Ardell Invisibands are the choice. The lashes are connected by an invisible hair strand andthen are then knotted and feathered by hand. Ardell Invisibands are available in Demi Pixies, Fancies, Lacies, Scanties and Delicates at $2.25 each. Natural-looking under lashes are also available. Ardell also sells a combo pack which is good for first-time eyelash users who want to experiment with a variety of styles. Fifty-six eyelash clusters, including Flare short, medium and long, cost $2.25. Individual lashes are also available.

Andrea Lashes are the choice eyelashes for many makeup artists and models. Andrea lashes are made of 100% sterilized human hair and are hand-made and hand-shaped.Mod Strips are available in 27 styles of black or brown lashes for $2.25 a pair. Perma Lashes last up to 6 weeks with little maintenance and are available in Flare styles, short and long, in black or brown. For very natural looking, long lasting lashes, try Mod Perma Lash naturals which are knot free, delicately curled, waterproof and are available in short black or medium black. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try Andrea Wild Lashes with 6 different, striking styles, 3 subtle colors and 3 bold, metallic colors.

My Diva's Closet has a selection of costume lashes and natural, everyday lashes at around $4 a pair. Each pair of lashes is hand-tied and made of sterilized human hair. Natural lashes are less than ½" long and add volume without increasing length. Glamorous lashes, the best selling variety, are also less than 1/2" long but add more volume than the Naturals because they are graduated, or longer on the outside than on the inside corner.

Fabulous lashes are more than ½" long and are curled to give more volume and length. Diva lashes, which are ¾" long and curved, are great for costume parties or theatrical productions.

Many people who , unfortunately, lose their hair due to health complications, often lose their eyelashes as well. People who undergo this trauma are usually looking for the most natural looking false eyelashes on the market, since most of them are using false eyelashes due to their circumstances and not by choice. Headcovers Unlimited has eyelashes especially made for a completely natural look. These are a good choice not only for those who suffer eyelash loss, but for anyone who wants false eyelashes which create a subtle, beautiful effect. Style #82 is the best selling variety with a criss-cross pattern at the root, medium length and density. The lashes are light and natural. For fuller, curly lashes, try Style #118.Style #217 are elegant lashes which produce volume without extra length or obvious thickness, since they are thick at the base and thin at the ends.

Whichever lashes you choose, feel free to experiment if you don't achieve the look you want rather than settling for merely mascara. Nowadays, there is an abundance of eyelash varieties on the market to suit every price range.

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