A Guide To Free Library Resources

The library has many features to offer beyond books. It offers videos, cds, use of computers, etc. Information on how you can benefit from your community library.

Years ago, the library was a quiet place where you could go to study, do some research, books.


Of course, you can still check out books. Most libraries have an excellent collection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books available. A best seller list is usually available as well, with all of the latest books on this list available for check-out. Most libraries also have a teen section available as well as a section for younger and beginning readers. Audio books are usually available as well as some large print books by special request.

Videos and CDs

Many libraries offer video tapes for check out. These range from children's movies to instructional videos. Your favorite music is also available for checkout in the form of tapes and now CDs. From holiday music to the oldies to current pop titles, it's all here, right now!

The Library On-Line

With the ever-increasing use of the Internet, most libraries have a website which includes their catalog. This allows patrons to see which items are available at the library including which branch. This also allows patrons to make special requests and place items on hold that they want to obtain at a later date. Some library websites allow patrons to check their library account to determine if they have any outstanding library fines oweing, or the due dates on the current titles that they have checked out.

Tax Forms

Whenever tax season approaches, you can usually count on your local library as a source for tax forms. These forms are free and some libraries work jointly with local tax preparers so as to provide assistance in filling out these forms.

Seminars and Small Business Assistance

Many libraries offer seminars on a wide variety of topics ranging from how to apply for a grant to healthy living to parenting. A list of seminars can be obtained from your local library branch. Small business assistance is usually available as well in the form of books or seminars as well.

Typewriters and Computers for Public Use

Many libraries have typewriters, computers and printers that are available for public use. This is especially helpful for those patrons who may not have a computer at home. Limited Internet use is also available at most libraries. This can allow patrons to do research for items that the library may not cover on rare occasion.

Extensive Reference Resources

Most libraries have extensive reference materials that are available for review. This includes business directories, statistical resources, government publications, information on the history and culture of the local area and information about grant resources that are available to organizations and individuals. Audio visual materials are also available at some libraries. Some libraries also have a telephone reference line, where you can get reference questions answered without having to physically go to the library. Some libraries will also let patrons renew their books by telephone as well.

Grants Collections

Many libraries have a section that is devoted to grants. A grant is a sum of money given to individuals or business for specific reasons. Many libraries offer information on how to write and research grants and also sample information available.

Meeting Rooms

Do you need to have a meeting or mini-conference? Contact your local library branch to see if they have a room available. Most libraries will let patrons rent or use space. The cost is usually minimal, if any.

Literacy Programs

Many libraries offer literacy programs for children, adults or young parents. Check your local branch for more information on this topic.


Many libraries offer youth placement programs for teenagers. This allows teens to work for a wage in their local library. For more information on this, visit or call your local library branch.

The library used to be just a quiet place to study. These days, it's a place to study, but it's also a whole lot more! Visit your local library branch to see what's going on!

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