A Guide To The Live Music Experience

Going out for a night to see your favorite band, performer or singer can be entertaining. Tips for enjoying shows, expectations, and advice for getting tickets.

Attending a rock music concert for the first time can be quite an experience. You are able to listen to the music live, and see the musicians perform before your very eyes. Rock music is full of energy, and when played live, it enlivens audience, encouraging them to dance and shout with excitement. The crowd serves as the meter by which musicians gauge their performance, and the fans serve to keep the musicians going strong.

Not every concert allows you to see the performers as close as you'd like, but the music sounds dynamite no matter where you are sitting, and thanks to technology, huge screens can assist in bringing you up close and personal with the musicians. Some concerts are performed indoors, with the crowd seated, others out in the open, with the crowd standing in front of a stage. When fans are standing up, they are more likely to expend their energy in the form of dancing or jumping about excitedly.

Sometimes, this can become dangerous, as in the case of slam dancing, and if you've never been to a rock music concert before, it is a good idea to steer clear of mosh pits and slam dancers because you could become seriously injured. There are people from all walks of life that attend such concerts, and as with any large gathering, it is a good idea to keep your personal belongings close to you at all times. Try to leave valuables at home if possible. They could be stolen or lost quite easily in the crowd.

Occasionally, people even bring drugs to rock music concerts, either to use them openly or to attempt to sell them to others. Fortunately, law enforcement officers are on the scene in most cases, to deter such occurrences. Avoid contact with drugs at all costs because they could land you in serious trouble or cause significant injury or impairment.

For the most part, people have a mutual respect for one another at such gatherings, as most of the people are fans who have come out to enjoy the music of a well-liked musician or band. Come with a friend, or better yet group of friends, to ensure safety. Stay away from dangerous activities, and keep your eyes open to possible dangers at all times. You don't have to be full of fear at every moment, just be wise to your surroundings. After all, you are there to have fun and enjoy the music.

Tickets to rock music concerts range in price, usually anywhere from twenty dollars to fifty dollars, or more depending on the popularity of the musician, location, etc. Also, tickets tend to sell out quickly, so you'll want to get them as early as possible. Be prepared for loud noise at the concert. Dress comfortably according to the weather. Cameras are discouraged as they are somewhat of a hindrance to carry around, and could be lost or damaged. Bring some money for T-shirts and other memorabilia, and snacks and sodas if you prefer. Above all else, have fun and be safe!

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