Guide To The Paroli System

Gambling systems provide formulas for placing bets. One popular gambling system, the Paroli Betting System, is described in this brief article.

Gambling systems are methods, formulas, or a standard set of instructions a player can use to manage bets and increase the odds of winning. This article provides a brief introduction to the Paroli Betting System.


The Paroli Betting System, sometimes called the Anti-Martingale System, is a positive progression gambling system which is based on the same principle banks use to compound interest. When you use the Paroli Betting System, you increase your bet only when you win, consequently "pyramiding" your profits. Pyramiding is a parlay wager where your original bet plus any winnings are played on successive wagers.

In order to use the Paroli Betting System successfully, you must decide on several factors in advance. First, you must fix your unit value. Second, you must decide how many bets you will make before you remove your winnings and start over with your initial bet. Your decisions, of course, will depend on the type of game you are playing and the odds of the bet.

Let's say, for example, you are playing French Roulette. You decide your initial wager will be $1 and you are going for three consecutive wins. You begin your gambling session by placing a $1 bet. If you win, you will place a bet of $2. You should keep doubling the amount of your wager until either you win three times in a row or you lose the bet. Then start again with a $1 bet.

The Paroli Betting System is designed to take advantage of winning streaks. By raising your bets during a hot streak, you can take home more cash than if you were flat betting. If you are on a losing streak, however, you will only lose one betting unit each time.

The Paroli Betting System is popular for games like roulette or blackjack. In games of chance like Lotto or Joker, the player cannot take any initiative, so the Paroli Betting System will not help you increase your odds of winning.


If you stick to your plan, the Paroli Betting System offers you a chance to win a large amount of money from a small initial stake. You need less capital when you use the Paroli Betting System since you are not chasing losses. In other words, the Paroli Betting System will let your profits run while cutting short your losses.

One disadvantage of using the Paroli Betting System is big winning streaks may cause you to reach the table limit. Moreover, you never know when a hot streak is about to begin, so you could actually lose money from your own starting bankroll over the long run.


The Paroli Betting System is a progressive betting system which can help you increase your odds of winning. If you wish to use the Paroli Betting System, you must first plan your initial bet, how much you will increase your bet, and when you will quit betting if you are on a winning streak. This strategy is advantageous for players who have a small initial bankroll. If you are lucky enough to hit a hot streak, you could end up winning more money than you would have if you were flat betting.

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