Guide To Planning Big Weddings

Tips on planning a large wedding, including finding a ceremony and reception location, choosing invitations, and planning a honeymoon.

With the proper planning, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life.It will be a day that you can reflect back upon and cherish your memories forever.

In order to get to the big day you need to do a whole lot of planning.First, you need to decide on the date.After you have made that first step, you need to call the church or place where you want to get married and reserve it.You will also need to book the person who is going to perform the ceremony.Check with them to see what is needed to apply for your marriage license.If you are planning a big wedding, be sure the location is large enough to hold all of your guests comfortably.

Start working on the guest list.This will give you an idea of how many people will be attending so you will know how large a reception area you will need and also it will give the caterer an idea of how much food will be needed.

Next, decide where you would like for the reception to be held after the ceremony.You will need to take into consideration how many people your reception area will hold as well.You want to be sure you and your guests are comfortable and not overly crowded in a small area.If you decide on an outdoor wedding, have a backup plan in case the weather is bad.

Determine what caterer you would like to provide the food.Make sure they reserve that date for you. Decide upon what foods you would like served at the reception.See if they can provide you with the wedding cake you want or if you will need to purchase this from a bakery.

Select your wedding invitations and have them printed.Be sure to send your invitations out far enough in advance to give your guests time to respond so you can get a count for the caterer.

Check out local florists and decide what flowers you would like at the church and reception.Consider that flowers that are in season will be less expensive than flowers that are not.

Decide upon your wedding dress and what dresses you would like for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl.Select the tuxes for the groom, his best man, ushers and ring bearer and have them fitted.Purchase your wedding bands.

If you are going to have a band play at the reception, you will need to book them in advance.

Decide where you are going for your honeymoon.Purchase your airline tickets in advance and make your hotel reservations.

Purchase items you will need for the wedding like the registration book, ring bearers pillow, party favors, and any thing else you think you will need.

As you can see, the list could go on and on.With the proper planning and a whole lot of help, your wedding day will be the day of your dreams.

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