A Guide To Workout Clothing For Women

A few simple guidelines for choosing workout clothing can help take the guess work out of which clothes are necessary for exercising.

You've decided it's time to start doing some exercising and get fit. The options for doing so are varied as are the types of workout gear you can wear during those exercises. The clothing ranges from sweatpants and a t-shirt to specialized clothing required for specific sports. How do you choose which clothing to wear?

Sometimes, choosing the clothing for your workout is easy because it's already chosen for you. If you sign up for a martial arts class, you will be told exactly what you are expected to wear. If you are swimming, obviously a bathing suit is appropriate. But what if you've joined a gym? What is appropriate to wear there? Or suppose you've decided to run, walk or bike on your own? Then, how should you dress?

You could go to a local sporting goods store and have the sales person sell you the latest and trendiest styles. Or you could follow a few simple guidelines for choosing your workout gear. If you still want to buy the expensive, trendy styles, go ahead, but with these guidelines, you'll be able to choose the right gear, trendy or not.

1. Shoes. One of the most important choices you will make will be your footwear. If you're going to choose just one piece of workout gear to spend good money on, make it your shoes. You can find an athletic shoe that is designed for each activity. If you are going to be running, inside or outside, find a running shoe that is comfortable and absorbs shock. The same goes for walking. There are specific shoes designed solely for walking. If you are going to a gym and will be doing a variety of exercising - weight lifting, aerobics, elliptical machine, etc. - a good pair of cross trainers will do. The right pair of shoes will make all the difference in how you feel afterwards, so make sure you take special care in choosing.

2.Bra. Another very important piece of gear is the bra you choose to wear.Try on a variety of bras and look for three things when choosing the right one. The first is support. The bra should be snug fitting, holding you in place when your body moves. Try doing jumping jacks, running in place and swinging your arms back and forth when you try the bra on. If you stay put, it's working. The next thing to look for is comfort. If the bra keeps you from jiggling, but it digs or binds, it is not a good fit. Keep looking. The last thing to look for is the ability to control moisture. The bra should allow perspiration to be taken away from the body. Finding the right bra could take a while, but the time and effort put into it will be beneficial.

3.Pants and shorts. If you are going to the gym to work out, you simply need a comfortable pair of cotton bottoms, pants or shorts, for exercising. Some clothing adds lycra for flexibility, and this can add some benefit for doing a yoga class, but basic cotton will work in all situations. If you are doing outdoor exercising, then other considerations need to be taken. If it will be cold outside, layering your bottoms is a good idea. You can add or remove layers as your body heat dictates, and also the air between the layers can act as insulation. Make sure that what you choose is comfortable and allows for maximum range of motion according to what exercise you are doing.

4.Tops. Many of the guidelines for pants and shorts apply to tops. Your top should be comfortable and flexible if necessary. Cotton is a great choice. Again, if you are exercising outdoors in cold weather, layering is the way to go. If you are working out in the gym, cotton t-shirts or tank tops work well. Take special consideration of the size of the shirt. Shirts that are too large can restrict range of motion during some exercise classes such as aerobics and yoga. Your shirt should be well fitting and flexible for these types of classes.

5.Hats. Outdoor exercise sometimes requires your head to be covered. A baseball cap can help absorb sweat and block the sun while you are running. A cap with earflaps can keep you warm if you are running in cold weather. A baseball cap is also an option indoor for sweat absorption as are headbands. Another choice for sweat absorption is a bandana.

The success of your workout does not depend on expensive or trendy clothing, just the right clothing for your needs. By following these guidelines, you can choose the right clothing for you and get started on getting fit.

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