Gym Equipment Stair Climber Benefits

By Cheryl Gorski

  • Overview

    There is a cadre of workout equipment available at the gym and for home use, but you are considering a stair climber. This tried-and-true exercise machine offers its users an effective workout with strength training, toning and cardio benefits.
  • How it Works

    The act of climbing stairs is an effective lower-body workout. Along with the heart-health benefits of an invigorating cardiovascular excerise, the action of stair climbing increases stamina and endurance, burning calories while strengthening and toning legs, hips and derriere. A stair climber cardio machine indefinitely simulates the motion of climbing a flight of stairs. An individual using a stair climber can control the pace and the resistance of the machine and can determine if he or she wants to use the machine for 10 minutes or for an hour. Generally, stair climber machines are equipped with monitors for heart rate, calories burned and minutes used.
  • What Types of Stairclimbers are on the Market

    As with any cardio machine, the level of money the consumer is willing to spend will determine the quality of the stair climber. On the least expensive level, there are small, portable stair climbers with limited adjustable resistance. These small, portable climbers are affordable and often include electronic monitoring for calories burned or steps taken, but the intensity level is very limited. The more advanced stair climbing machines will offer various resistance levels, superior electronic monitoring and comfortable hand rails for safety and stability. Many stair climbers simulate an up and down movement, while higher-quality machines utilize a revolving staircase that depict a more accurate motion of real stair climbing.

  • The Pros of the Stair Climber

    When used properly several times a week, stair climbing machines offer effective toning and strengthing of the lower body, including the hips, buttocks, thighs and calves. The user of a stair climber can burn considerable calories while obtaining a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. A stair climber can be utilized at the gym or purchased in a big-box sporting goods store. An effective machine can be found in nearly everyone's price range.
  • The Cons of the Stairclimber

    The calories burned on the stair climber can be significantly decreased if the user leans onto the hand rails, which are attached to the machine for support, not necessarily for resting. The impact of the up and down motion of the stair climber can be more difficult and cause pain and discomfort for people who have knee, leg or ankle issues or injuries. High-quality machines can cost upwards of $1,000.
  • How to Maximize Your Results

    To maximize the stair climber's effectiveness, the user should engage in cardiovascular activity three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. This can be alternated with weight training twice a week. When using the machine, do not lean forward on your arms on the hand rails. Leaning too much of your upper body onto the rails for support decreases the calorie-burning activity. No matter how much you may decide to spend on a stair climber, when utilized properly this cardiovascular machine can provide the ultimate workout!
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