Gypsy Tarot Card Reading

Gypsy tarot card reading allows one to read regular playing cards for predictions of the future, finances, health, love life and more. Tarot theory and things misunderstood.

Tarot cards and gypsys and fortunetelling are all words that link us with thoughts of mystery and magic. To be able to tell the future using cards has always had a special attraction. To see the currents of Fate and Destiny, and be able to decide our own path has always been sought after by humanity. Free will is very important to us. This article will look at some of the mystery of Tarot, explain how to use regular playing cards as tarot cards (Gypsy Style), and will look at simple meanings of the cards, as well as ways to interpret them.

First and foremost let us tackle the mystery of Tarot to a degree. Tarot cards appeared in European courts around the 1500s and were used as playing cards initially, although many would claim that they have more ancient origins. Certainly famed Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, would claim that our subconcious mind, that all human minds have symbols coded into them, called archetypes, or greater symbols, such as birth, and death. All human communities throughout the world have these concepts as well as 60 other commonly shared sociological concepts. Now what is tarot. Some would say magic. Others would say it is a gift, a psychic phenomenon. Many might say it is a channel to higher powers. This article cannot define in the final analysis what tarot is or why it works. You will have to come to those conclusions yourself. You will have to find your own answers and find your own personal evidence probably through your success with the cards. It should be remembered also that we do not really understand the human mind. We do not understand why at Brown University, in blindsight experiments, people who are totally blind, can still tell when a light is shined into their face, whether it is vertical or horizontal. Scientists just shake their heads and say it is some vestigal ability. Look up the studies under blindsight in any book of psychology or here on the web and know that tarot is one such mystery.

One of the most basic forms of layout for a tarot reading is past, present, future. You lay out three cards after shuffling, using a regular deck of cards and then place three cards in a row. The first card represents the past, or can in some case represent the subject or person or main idea of what you are asking about. The second card represents the immediate present and the third card usually represents the immediate future. This is a simple form of tarot spread and there are more complicated patterns taught by many books. But for now this is a simple way of asking questions. As you gain practice with the cards you can ask time periods, for example, in six months how will such and such a situation turn out. Then you know the future card shows the end result in six months. This is somewhat advanced so please feel free just to use the simpler method above.

In order to understand the cards you have dealt in the three card layout there are many books and guides out on the market that provide tarot card interpretations. However the suits in tarot cards are easily translated to regular playing cards. So for example the hearts suit is usually translated into cups in tarot. Cups and water, and hearts all have a similar meaning, emotion, and matters of love.

While clubs translate as wands in the average tarot deck, for some diamonds as pentacles and spades as swords.

You can then look in other books for translations and still understand their meanings. Remember that regular tarot card decks also contain the Major Arcana, like the Death Card, or the Lovers Card, or what have you. There are 72 cards in the tarot deck and far less in a regular deck. Therefore you cannot have the Major cards for your readings. None the less you can have accurate readings with regular cards. The cards answer what is asked with whatever is available. Just as a child can answer with less words than an adult, but still communicate.

Specifically there are some basic meanings for each card. Listing them by suites is very important for better understanding of patterns, aces and court cards, such as the king, queen and jack will be discussed seperately. The other cards follow, the Jokers should be removed:

Hearts (Cups or Water) Cards of Emotion

2 of Hearts: Lovers, Partners, true love for brothers and sisters, partnership, serious love

3 of Hearts: Celebration, pleasure

4 of Hearts: Apathy, discontent and flood of emotions, sometimes gossip

5 of Hearts: Loss of love, or loss

6 of Hearts: Kindness, new relationship, blessings on an old one

7 of Hearts: Hopes and dreams, delusions and fantasies

8 of Hearts: Change in situation or path or goal, abadonment of position

9 of Hearts: Lovemaking, love, success

10 of Hearts: Soul mates, truest love, completion of love, total success

Clubs (Wands or Fire)Cards of Energy, Art, Creativity

2 of Clubs: friendship, partnership, business partners, allies

3 of Clubs: offer of help, proprosals

4 of Clubs: Celebration, romance, harvest, home

5 of Clubs: Strife, conflict, struggle to defend, bickering

6 of Clubs: Victory, success

7 of Clubs: Stress, strife, many suitors or competing issues

8 of Clubs: Speed, quick movement, moving, travel

9 of Clubs: Eventual victory, duty

10 of Clubs: Test by fire, pressure, caged,

Diamonds (Swords or Air) Cards of Intellect

2 of Diamonds: Peace, stalemate, crossed swords

3 of Diamonds: Sorrow, civil strife, tears

4 of Diamonds: Rest after war, peace after fighting

5 of Diamonds: Cowardice, gossip, warning

6 of Diamonds: Things getting better, travel, escape

7 of Diamonds: Sneakiness, manipulations behind the scences, undercover

8 of Diamonds: Betrayal, feeling trapped, bound

9 of Diamonds: Great sorrow, tests and trials

10 of Diamonds: Disaster, death, overwhelming sorrow

Spades ( Pentacles or Coins, or Earth) Cards of Weatlh, Gossip, Earthly Things, Material Goods

2 of Spades: Juggling two things at once, clash of opposing forces with good result

3 of Spades: Work, project, part time job, getting some money

4 of Spades: Power, greed, money, possession

5 of Spades: Loss, unemployment, money problems, destitution

6 of Spades: Charity, generosity

7 of Spades: Ambiguous path, choosing between two different paths

8 of Spades: Labor, craft, work, gifts

9 of Spades: wealth success to be comfortable but not overly wealthy

10 of Spades: True wealth, family, love of family, inheritance

All Aces are new beginnings:

Ace of Hearts beginning of new love or healing

Ace of Clubs, beginning of a new adventure

Ace of Diamonds, victory, new beginning after a clash of ideal

Ace of Pentacles, new financial deal or beginning

All Court Cards, such as the King, Queen and Jack represent people or messages. The King, Queen and Jack of Hearts represent messengers of emotion, and if one knows the astrological sign in many cases the two coincide. In readings they represent people. As the King, Queen, and Jack of Clubs represent fire and art, and creativity and fire sign astrological signs such as Leo or Aries or Sagittarius.

There are many patterns to the cards that each individual will have to learn for themselves by experience. There are messages and information that clearly communicate themselves to each individual reader. Opening yourself up the possibilities is the key.

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