Hair Care Advice: Why Horse Shampoo Is So Popular For Humans

Horse shampoo is increasingly used by people for personal use. It offers many benefits with ingredients not found in traditional shampoos.

People have been using horse shampoo for decades, especially in small cow towns where money can be tight, and it is easily accessible. A very popular horse shampoo that is used most often is Mane-N- Tail. Once everyone found out how beautiful the horse shampoo made your hair look, and how big the bottles were for their money other people started using it to. They found out that it is better than most name brand shampoos made for humans. The horse shampoo is just as wonderful for your hair as all of the new products that the shampoo manufacturers were coming out with.

Users of horse shampoos started seeing how shiny and healthy their hair was looking, and how it seemed that the horse shampoo was even making their hair thicker. A lot of people thought that the horse shampoo was even helping their hair grow faster. The reason for this is because the horse shampoo made their hair stronger and healthier which would result in less hair breakage and shedding. Horse shampoo will also aid in split ends, and when you have less split ends your hair automatically looks longer, because your hair is not breaking off at the weak split ends.

This is also a good shampoo for those who over process their hair with bleaching, coloring, and perming, mainly because the horse shampoo will strengthen their hair from breakage and shedding. It seems to slow down the process of this happening.

Another good aspect of horse shampoo is; if you suffer from allergies of fragrances and other types of additives than maybe you should try Mane-N-Tail horse shampoo. Horse shampoos contain less irritants and additives that would cause allergies to act up. This is because it needs to be safe for animals so the ingredients are mild and gentle.

Horse shampoo is formulated to be gentle and non-irritating to the skin. It contains high lathering cleansing ingredients which are packed with moisturizers and emollients. Its enriched protein formula provides down to the skin cleansing action which is good for your scalp and hair. The conditioner that goes with the horse shampoo is a very good product too; it conditions and fortifies your hair and scalp for a renewed, lustrous, and a healthy look while achieving longer, healthier hair. The protein enriched formula works on the hair shaft itself which helps prevent hair from breaking and ends from splitting while the natural oils in the conditioner conditions and nourishes the hair and scalp. There is even a leave in conditioner that can be bought in the same section as you find the horse shampoo. The moisturizers in the leave in conditioners help aid in the damage and drying effects that is caused by the sun and wind.

You can easily purchase Mane-N-Tail horse shampoos, conditioners, and other products at K-mart, Wal-mart, some drugstores, and grocery stores. The prices are very reasonable, and you will get more for your money. You can even purchase these products online at GiGi's beauty supply (there are other online stores also). GiGi's beauty supplies carries a full line of Mane-N-Tail horse shampoo and products for the hair which ranges in price from $3.99- $6.99 per product, and you get a generous amount for your money.

Try it and see for yourself that horse shampoo works as good for humans as it does for horses.

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