Hair Care Different Varieties Of Hair Sprays

There are several different varieties of hair spray on the market today. So, how do you know what's best for you? Read this informative article to find out!

Hair spray is one of the oldest methods for holding a person's hair in place. Women have used hairspray for generations to hold permed or home - set curls so their hairdo could last longer.

Today, hair spray is still popular, but it is sometimes replaced by other hair holding products. These include gels, mousse, and other styling potions.

Have you ever wondered what hair spray is basically made of, and how it works? It's basically a solution of polymers mixed with other liquids. The other liquids can be water and/or alcohol. When the polymer solution is sprayed in a mist onto a person's hair, it coats the individual strands of hair. Then, when the liquid evaporates, the polymer is left. It creates a stiff bond that holds the person's hair style into place. Even if you run a comb or a brush through hair that has spray on it, it will still hold some of the style.

Years ago, a type of shellac - like ingredient was often used in hair sprays. However, it was difficult to remove from a head of hair by just using shampoo. After the ingredient was linked to cause cancer, it was banned from use.

Hair sprays come in different varieties. No matter if your hair is thin, thick, long, short, straight, or curled, there is a type that will keep you hairstyle looking as good in the evening as it did that morning.

The basic varieties are usually described as being light hold, medium hold, and super hold. One of the main differences between the three formulas is that the polymer droplets vary in size. (The size of the droplets are, of course, regulated by the bottle sprayer.) The larger the droplets, the firmer the holding power is. Therefore, the light hold variety of hair spray has the smallest droplets, while the super hold variety has the largest.

The light hold is suitable for keeping a hair style in place for only a few hours. Or, it can be used to control permed curls so it doesn't frizz. This variety can feel slightly sticky on a person's head until it completely dries. It won't make hair feel heavy or stiff to the touch.

The medium hold variety is for a person who has easily manageable hair. It offers better control

than the light hold, but it won't leave a person's hair feeling heavy like the super hold can.

The super hold is the best choice for a person who has thin or otherwise hard to manage hair. However, it can often feel heavy and will actually feel stiff when it's touched.

The three different varieties can also contain different polymer formulas too, as determined by the manufacturers.

Unlike the hair sprays that were usedby past generations, you can also buy other types of hair sprays today. These are known as being "organic" or "natural". There are sprays that contain no alcohol, no irritating chemicals, and no fragrance.

Some of these natural varieties of hair sprays contain herbs and flower extracts that are said to actually enhance the look, feel, and healthiness of a person's hair. These additives include Aloe vera, wheat protein, yucca, comfrey, chamomile, lavender, marigold, balsam, and henna, just to name a few.

Finally, in order to decide what variety of holding spray is best for your hair, check the ingredients on each spray bottle as well as the description of each to determine what will work best for you!

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