Hair Care Tips

Hair care tips. Hair care tips include washing the hair only three to four times a week and avoiding straightening irons or curling irons. What people should know is not to wash their hair everyday, especially...

What people should know is not to wash their hair everyday, especially if they color it. There are people with curly hair that wash it everyday. That makes it worse. The analogy is like our laundry. Look what happens to blue jeans when you wash them. I mean detergent is much stronger than shampoo, but the bottom line is shampoo strips the hair after each wash. That's why you see people with more frizzy hair than they've ever had. Everyone has little teases, especially if they have long hair. You can see these little fuzzy teases that come from shampooing it too much. There are daily shampoos that are better for your hair.

We recommend that people wash their hair three to four times a week at the most. You also have to use the right conditioners. Don't use too much conditioner because sometimes when you use too much conditioner it can actually dry up your hair tips.

Also, cut back on how much you use straightening irons and blow dryers. If you want your hair straight, straighten it once a week. Don't do it more than twice a week. You are going to ruin your hair if you use it everyday.

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