Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

How to choose the most flattering, natural looking and best shade of hair color based on your skin tone.

You've finally spotted the perfect hair color on the poster of a model at your favorite hair salon. You make an appointment with your hairdresser for that fabulous perfect color only to discover after the damage has been done, that perfect color isn't so perfect on you. What we don't realize is that the color of one's skin tone can affect that perfect hair color. Evenyour eye and natural hair color can also play a factor in determining which category you fall under and of course your best hair color.

There are two shade categories and they are cool and warm.

Men and women who fall in the cool shade category are often found with blue, gray-blue, hazel, or dark brown eyes followed by deep chocolate browns, blue-blacks, medium ash and golden browns, dark blondes, salt and pepper grays or white in hair coloring. Their skin tones are most often pale to pale with pink undertones, Medium with pink to medium with golden undertones, olive, bronze brown and dark brown in color.

Usually when you have more than one of the above colors then you will be a part of the cool category. When you are in this category you should not consider colors of red, bronze, yellow or gold since they are warm colors and tend to looked washed out on cool people. Shades of ash browns, cool blondes such as platinum, blue-blacks and unnatural colors like mahogany, burgundy and fire engine red can also be worn by this shade as well.

Men and women who fall into the warm category can be found with warm golden brown, hazel with brown or blue green to green eyes followed by golden blondes, strawberry blondes, reds, dark browns with red or golden highlights and gray with a golden cast. Their skin tones are often pale with peach or golden undertones, women with freckled complexions and brown with pink or golden undertones in color.

If you have more than one color from above then you would fall into the warm category. You should steer clear of cool colors such as blues, whites, ash, and purples. Warm colors like golden to dark browns, rich warm auburns as well as red and golden highlights can compliment this shade well.

Now that you've determined which category you fall under, you'll want to decide whether a trip to your local drugstore or a visit to your favorite salon is in order.

If you're going to color your own hair there are several factors you should consider when choosing a box of hair color. Boxes that refer to such colors as warm or golden are usually warm shades. Colors referring to ash or blue are cool shades. Cool colors can mean trouble if you fall under the warm shade category and try to wear a cool shade. The results can turn your hair into a disastrous shade of green. If this happens you should seek a professional colorist as soon as possible.

If you have decided you would prefer to trust your hairdresser or you do need to seek a professional colorist, talk with him or her about your ideal color and always remember you are the client!

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