Hair Fashion: Hair Style Do's And Don't For Brunette Highlights

Brunettes can successfully highlight their hair at home. They can find the products they need to do the job in any drugstore. Just follow these simple tips and the products' directions to get the results that you want...all at home!

Do you want to save money and still have a great look by adding dimension to your brunette tresses? You can by highlighting your hair at home. Go to any drugstore and walk down the aisles of the hair care section. You'll find many options to adding color dimensions to your hair.

You can either opt for a peroxide-base lightener for your hair, or you can add a color that will bring out the red or gold hues of your natural color. For peroxide-based lightener, you can buy a kit where you can "frost" your hair, highlight your hair, or paint highlights into your hair.

Some of the basic elements that you need to know to successfully lighten your hair include about two hours, an old tee shirt, an old towel, and a room with good lighting and ventilation (which can include opening a window). If you wear contacts, you will need to remove them prior to coloring your hair. Also, always wear gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals in the dyes and developers.

Here are some simple directions for using a peroxide-based lightener.

1. Read all instructions carefully

2. Block out a time period of 60 to 90 minutes to be able to process your hair.

3. Test an area of your skin---a small area under your forearm---to check for any allergies to the product.

4. Purchase all necessary hair products to successfully highlight your hair. These items may include a cap, a hook to pull your hair through the cap, a measuring cup, and a bowl and spatula to mix the product together. Many of these items are in kits for highlighting hair. However, if you buy hair bleach, it will only have the pre-measured ingredients to mix together. You will have to buy the other products at a store where they sell hair-processing equipment.

5. Realistically choose a color that will match your skin type and the natural highlights of your hair.

6. When using a paint-on kit, start from the root area of your head and move down. Do one section of hair at a time.

7. Don't highlight the back of the lower head if you're planning on getting your hair tapered or shaved close to your scalp. It'll look like you have polka dots after you get your hair cut.

8. After the time is up for processing the bleaching product, you must thoroughly rinse the bleach out of the highlighted area. Then, you must wash the processed part of your hair with shampoo. Put a nutrient-rich deep conditioner in your hair for three to five minutes. It will help your hair get some extra moisture after processing, and it will make your hair shiny.

9. Remember to spread out the time, from about one week to one month, between highlighting, perming, or straightening your hair. Otherwise, your hair will dry out due to overprocessing.

To bring out the natural tones of your hair use a regular hair coloring kit; which can be bought at any drugstore. Generally, this process is considered low-lights since you aren't aiming for dramatic color change in your hair. Some tips to remember when low-lighting are:

1. Pick a color one to two shades darker or one to two shades lighter than your current hair color.

2. Coloring time is usually done within 30 to 40 minutes.

3. You can add a stronger developer to get more dramatic results. You'll need to purchase that type of developer at a hair-processing retailer.

4. After 30-40 minutes, rinse out the colorant. Then, if you use a stronger developer than what was provided in the package, you must wash the highlighted area with shampoo. Also, condition your hair with a deep conditioner for three to five minutes to add moisture and nutrients to your hair. It will give your colored tresses an extra boost of shine, too.

5. Using a shade closer to your hair color is a good start to experimenting with low-lighting your dark hair.

Brunettes can successfully highlight their hair by following some common sense guidelines. Don't be afraid to talk to your hairdresser about product recommendations, shade levels, and how to do proper highlighting on your type of hair. There are many products out there. Remember to follow all package directions. And, remember to block out the appropriate amount of time and care to do the job properly for your brunette tresses.

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