How to Do Your Hair Like a Pinup Girl With a Bandana

Whether for swing dancing, house cleaning or to define rockabilly style, a bandana and a few bobby pins is a traditional way to achieve the famed look of Rosie the Riveter's classic 1940s pinup style. As long as you have bangs that are at least a few inches long, you can create the pompadour that makes the base for this look. Finish your pomp off with a stylish do-rag of your choice and pay tribute to working women everywhere.

List of Items Needed

  • Shampoo
  • Round boar bristle brush
  • Comb
  • Curling iron
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Clip or ponytail elastic
  • Bandana
  1. Shampoo your hair the day before styling. Day-old hair is easier to manipulate and will add more texture to your retro look.

  2. Brush 2 to 3 inches of your bangs forward and divide them into two sections.

  3. Curl the first section of bangs backward using a large-barrel curling iron to add lift at the base. Mist with hair spray. Repeat the same steps on the remaining section.

  4. Backcomb both of the curled sections together using a boar bristle round brush or a comb. Hold hair slightly forward with tension. Start at the base and brush down toward the root repeatedly until a small mat forms.

  5. Blend both backcombed sections together by lightly combing the midshaft and ends of the hair back toward the crown. Avoid brushing through the matted cushion at the base of your scalp.

  6. Apply pomade or wax to your fingers and rub vigorously until all clumps are removed and the product liquefies. Dab the pomade onto your bangs as needed to help sweep any stray hairs into place.

  7. Direct hair forward, up and back from your face and slide forward to form the pomp. Roll the ends under and secure with two bobby pins at the crown of your head.

  8. Clip long hair out of the way or secure it in a ponytail elastic for easier handling as you tie the bandana. You can remove the clip after the bandana is secure or keep tresses up for a chic style.

  9. Fold a bandana in half to form a triangle.

  10. Drape the bandana on your shoulders and under the back of your hair. Pull the two corners up and over your ears until they meet at the back of your bangs.

  11. Lift the remaining back section of the bandana up and tuck it under both of the corners. Tie a simple knot.

  12. Insert bobby pins around the perimeter of your head as needed to hold the bandana in place. Finish with hair spray.

Tips and Warnings

  • Substitute hot rollers in place of a curling iron to add more body.
  • For more glamour, ditch the bandana and opt for a silk scarf in a retro print or whimsical color.
  • Handle a hot curling iron carefully and unplug after use to prevent accidental burns, fire or electrical shock.

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