Hair Products To Preserve Dye Coloring

It only takes a little daily attention to preserve the shine and color of newly dyed hair. Here are some tips and product suggestions.

If you have a lot of experience having your hair tinted or dyed, you know how disappointing it can be to see that vibrant new shade become faded and dull long before it's time for a fresh job. The wrong shampoo, environmental conditions, and genetics all contribute to color loss. Here are some tips and great products that can help dyed hair keep its shine and color longer.

If you can afford it, have a professional color your hair rather than doing it at home. The kits you can purchase at the drugstore are designed for small size and long shelf life; they aren't as strong as what the pros use. Store-bought dyes just don't "stick" quite as well. Your stylist will also choose the techniques and timing that are best for your hair type and condition.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are specially designed for dyed hair. These products are gentler than their regular counterparts, preventing premature loss of color. They also contain ingredients that keep hair healthy and help it "hold on" to your new shade. Alternatively, select cleansers and conditioners that add moisture; colored hair becomes dull and frizzy when dry.

No matter what you choose, consider washing hair only three or four times a week instead of every day to preserve the moisture content. Using cool water will keep the hair's cuticles closed and hold in color. You can still use conditioner each day.

After washing and conditioning, style your hair with gel, mousse, anti-frizz serum, or whatever products you usually choose. Avoid harsh chemicals and gummy or sticky products. A leave-in conditioner is important for those with dried or damaged hair. Then let your hair dry naturally or blow dry it on a low setting.

It should go without saying, but stay out of the sun and protect your hair from chlorine. Use products with sunscreen - in a pinch, using actual sunscreen are better than nothing. Wear a hat or wrap up your hair. Put it up in a bun or ponytail if you'll be exposed to high wind (like that summer ride in the convertible).

Here are a few examples of what's out there for people with colored or processed hair:

Pantene's Color Revival: An excellent line of products at relatively low prices, this line includes mousse and a wonderfully fragranced leave-in conditioner.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong: Contains sunblock to prevent UV damage.

Aveda Color Conserve: Also contains UV blockers. 100% organic.

L'Oreal VIVE Color-Care: Helps hair retain more color. The Color-Care Masque is especially good - It only takes a minute and it makes hair smooth and shiny.

Some hair care companies make exaggerated claims about what their products can do, but many other producers offer products that can make a big difference in your hair's health and appearance. Take the time to talk to a professional - or at least browse in your local drugstore - to find the hair care products that will provide the greatest benefits. Purchase from stores that allow unsatisfactory items to be returned. Keep track of what works and what doesn't, and tell your stylist about your results.

Good luck with your beautiful new color!

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