Hair Removal Tips: At Home Bikini Waxing Tips And Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to perform bikini waxes at home in a safe sanitary way.

Doing bikini waxes at home can save you time and money.Women need their bikini area waxed every 4-6 weeks.Each bikini wax can cost anywhere from $25-$40, and over time all of this maintenance can add up to a lot of money.Of course it is best to have a licensed Esthetician wax you, but sometimes it is quicker, easier and more affordable to do it yourself.Following are some tips and tricks to performing bikini waxes at home.Please be aware that no one taking antibiotics or using a topical medication such as Retin-A should be waxed.

To perform a bikini wax at home you will need the following materials:

1. Liquid hair removal

2. Wax warming pot

3. Disposable underwear

4. Hair removal strips

5. Wooden sticks; such as tongue depressor

6. Latex or vinyl gloves

7. Post epilating soothing cream

8. Antiseptic toner

9. Flat sheet

10. Cotton towel

11. Paper towel

12. Cotton

Set up your wax treatment:

Half-hour before treatment, plug in your wax-pot and set to warm, put liquid hair removal into pot to warm.

Lay flat sheet over bed, worktable or spread out on floor.

Place cotton towel laid flat next to workspace, and place paper-towel over cotton towel for sanitation.

Next, place neatly on top of paper towel: Hair removal strips, wooden sticks, powder, toner, post epilating cream, cotton and gloves.

Change into disposable underwear.Pubic hair should be grown to one fourth of an inch.

Steps to perform bikini wax treatment:

Sanitize your hands before beginning wax treatment; put gloves on for sanitation.

Lay face up on the treatment table, and prop yourself up on pillows so that you are sitting up slightly.

Beginning on the left, bend your left leg slightly at the knee, keeping the right leg straight.

Spray some antiseptic toner on a piece of cotton and wipe over the area to be waxed.This is normally the area from just inside the underwear line, to two inches down the inner thigh.

Next, sprinkle a small amount of powder onto a cotton ball and wipe over area to be waxed.Powder puts a barrier between the wax and the skin creating a less painful treatment.

The Wax should be warmed to the consistency of honey, thinner than this could result in using wax that is too hot.Always test the temperature of wax on the inside of your wrist before putting it onto your skin.

Using one wooden stick as an applicator, dip it 1-½ inches into the warm wax, and pull out wiping excess wax off one side of stick.When performing a bikini wax on yourself it is best to wax small patches at a time to avoid bruising.

When applying wax to bikini area, hold stick at a 45-degree angle and apply a thin layer of wax in the same direction as hair growth; once wax is applied throw stick away for sanitation.

Next you will take your hair removal strip and place it over the applied wax.Rub the wax strip in the same direction as hair growth so it is securely in place.

When ready, pull skin down as tight as possible.Very quickly pull wax strip off of skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.Once strip has been removed place your hand over the area to sooth.

Continue in the same fashion until you have removed enough hair to satisfy.Once you have completed hair removal from both sides use cotton to apply the post epilating soothing cream to the waxed area.The post epilating cream will calm the area and help prevent ingrown hairs.If you have a history of ingrown hairs exfoliate the waxed bikini area after 48 hours.

Variations in wax treatments can come from using different kinds of liquid hair removal, different wax strips, or oil as a skin barrier instead of powder.Liquid hair removal comes in the form of honey or crème (for sensitive skin).Wax strips are either made of Muslin (thick cloth) or Pelin (thick paper).A very thin layer of oil such as grape seed or Eucalyptus can be soothing and take the place of powder as a barrier between wax and skin.Have fun and save money for yourself, as well as friends and family by performing the service on them.They will be impressed with your skills and you will feel rewarded removing unwanted hair.

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