Hair Style Help: Fixing The 10 Worst Hair Disasters

Never have a bad hair day again after reading this, ways to overcome awful hairstyles.

Most of us have experienced a bad hair day, or many disastrous hair days for that matter. Not to fret ladies - here's a checklist of the most common hair disasters"¦ and guess what, they are all fixable without hiding under a baseball cap. Here are the 10 worst hair dilemmas and how to fix them.

1. Horrible Frizz

If you have frizzy hair naturally or because of the weather, do not worry. Thank goodness for hair products like John Frieda Frizz Ease, which soothes those flyaway strands of hair. You can use this product to tame frizz, whether you wear your hair curly or straight.

2. The Bad Haircut

As they always say, hair grows back. Yes it does. But, at that moment when the stylist cut off five inches too much, you're not thinking about it growing back. You're thinking how horrible you think it looks. Just remember, there's a difference between a bad haircut and a short haircut. There are a tremendous amount of cute pixie cuts - just imagine Winona Ryder. Have the stylist redo your hair until you are satisfied with the style and remember that it's only hair. It will grow back. Enjoy your new look and the change.

3. The Wrong Color

This can happen to anyone. So many women want a hair color that actually doesn't look good on them. Maybe your skin tone is too olive to be blonde or just doesn't work for you. Or maybe the red hair doesn't make you resemble Lindsay Lohan at all. A professional hair colorist will determine the colors that will look good on you. To fix any issues with color go to a professional immediately for a quick fix.

4. Hideous highlights

This is an easy fix. If the highlights don't look as sun-kissed as you would have wanted, have the colorist tone them down, or just have them do a color wash. Have the stylist mix highlights and lowlights to make for the most perfect highlighted hair that looks natural.

5. The Pesky Perm

Maybe your curls are just too, well"¦ curly. To relax them immediately put a thick deep conditioner on you hair and rinse. This will make it so your curls aren't so tight. If your problem was that your perm didn't take, return to your stylist for a redo.

6. Bad Blow Dry Damage

Most women need to blow dry their hair on a daily basis, which can completely damage their hair. But, try using products like Thermasilk, which actually works by heat activation - in other words, your blow dryer. There are many styling products you can use from mousse to gels that will make the damage of your hair disappear because of heat activation. Another tip you can do is to not blow dry your hair everyday. However, if you must use the blow dryer, use the cool option instead of heat. Your hair will thank you later.

7. Split Ends

Most women with medium to long hair experience split ends when they don't regularly get a trim. There's your quick fix. Get a trim every 8 weeks and you'll never have split ends again. Your hair will be smooth and bouncy. Hair with split ends tends to be dry and damaged. Another tip is to moisturize the tips of your hair once a week with a deep conditioner. Vitamin E also works wonders on the tips of your hair.

8. Style All Wrong

Did the stylist fix your hair wrong or is the cut making your hair hard to style? Go back to the salon for a quick fix. If you're a girl on the go, make sure the stylist creates a haircut that is easy for you to style and is no-hassle. If you don't have the time to fix a style that takes an hour to "look good", don't get that particular cut. Make your hair fit your lifestyle. If you are an easy, carefree kind of gal, don't go for the hard-to-style haircut. And, if you're high maintenance you probably won't like the wash and go type of look.

9. It's All Gray

When you start to notice your first signs of gray hair, run to the store find your exact hair color and dye it yourself!

10. Dry Hair

Women are constantly styling their hair with blow dryers, getting thermal straightening or too much hair color, which is making their hair super dry. To fix this problem, try a deep conditioner twice a week; minimize the use of your blow dryer and lay low on the highlights or color for a while.

Now that all your hair problems are solved, you won't have to worry about a bad hair day ever again.

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