Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Glamorous Hollywood Ideas

Hollywood is full of glamorous Halloween costume ideas, such as dressing like a Playboy bunny or wearing a flapper-style dress. Tips for your favorite celebrity styles.


Dress up like Marilyn Monroe in her classic wind-blown dress.


Dress up like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.


Find a pale pink dress with spaghetti straps to be Gwyneth Paltrow in her "best actress" ensemble.

4. J-LO.

Jennifer Lopez would make a great costume - just cut up some fabrics to create her oh-so-revealing green Oscar dress - it will certainly get you noticed!


Dress up like Dolly Parton in all her full-chested, big-haired, cowgirl-style glory.

6. If you are in a hurry, find a feather boa to wear - a very glam accessory for a Hollywood look.

7. A 1920s flapper style dress is a classically glamorous ensemble.

8. Carry a miniature red carpet around to roll out for yourself.


Replicate Julia Robert's "Pretty Woman" hooker look with some fishnet stockings and a slinky mini skirt.

10. For any glamorous look, bright red "fire engine" lipstick is essential.

11. To add some bling to your look, be sure to don some flashy costume jewelry.

12. Dress like a famous actress - one of your favorites - and ask a friend to pose as paparazzi, flashing a camera at you relentlessly.


Dress like the perky heiress, Paris Hilton, in one of her many mini-dress looks.

14. Wear an evening gown and carry a microphone to play a glamorous Hollywood host.

15. Try out some body glitter to give yourself a glamorous glow.

16. Draw on fuller lips with a lip liner so that you can achieve the "just got collagen injections" look that so many glamorous celebrities have had - on the covers of tabloid magazines. To make them look even fuller, add a gloss to the center of your lips.

17. Wear satin gloves with a ball gown for a Cinderella look.

18. VOGUE.

Get noticed as Madonna in her cone-shaped bra costume - be sure to also pull your hair up into a high ponytail.


You'll have a blast as Cher in one of her many famously outrageous styles.

20. NEO.

Don a black leather trench coat, tight black leather pants, and dark sunglasses, and slick back your hair to capture the "Matrix" style.

21. I DO.

Dress like a famous Hollywood bride, such as Jessica Simpson, and have your date (or just a friend) dress as the famous hubby-to-be.

22. Dress up like a runway model, with dramatically bold make-up and a confusingly abstract outfit.


Throw on a too-tight outfit and carry around a bottle of pills and a bottle of liquor to capture the essence of Anna Nicole Smith.

24. Throw on a turtleneck and some designer-style pair of glasses, and carry a camera, pretending to be a fashion photographer.


Get a blonde wig with a layered style and a super-short business skirt suit, and you can be Heather Locklear from her "Melrose Place" days.

26. Dress to perfection with an a-line skirt and a cardigan to be a Stepford Wife this Halloween.

27. Wear a sexy red bathing suit - and stuff the chest to the max - to look like a "Baywatch" bombshell lifeguard.


Dress up with a friend: one of you can be Pam Anderson, and the other can be Kid Rock.


Put on a "bald" wig and wear a fake muscle suit to play "The Rock."


If you can get together a group of three, you could dress up like the panel of judges on "American Idol." One can be Paula Abdul, another can be Randy Jackson, and another can be Simon Cowell.

31. Get ready to hop, hop, hop when you're dressed up like a Playboy Bunny.

32. Get a classic smoking jacket and some gorgeous ladies together to capture the essence of Hugh Heffner, a Hollywood legend.

33. Explore the darker side of Hollywood glam by dressing up like Heidi Fleiss.


Dress up like Alicia Silverstone from "Clueless."

35. Be a sexy prisoner in a classic orange jumpsuit to pay homage to the glamorous soap opera vixens who find themselves behind bars so often.

36. Shock your friends in Christina Aguilera's "Dirty" video ensemble - ripped muddy clothing and chaps.

37. Put on a gold bikini and completely cover yourself with gold body paint to be "Oscar."

38. Be a sexy nurse, as we have seen in so many Hollywood pictures.

39. Grab a like-looking pal and some dirty blonde wigs to look like the Olsen twins. If you are going for their younger years, try wearing overalls and a floral cotton shirt.

40. Put on a tutu to recreate Lara Flynn Boyle's awards night look.

41. Dress like Joan Rivers - Hollywood royalty - doing one of her red carpet specials.

42. Dress like a red carpet - just cut out a hole for your face, and paint your face red with face paint.

43. Go all out as Liv Tyler's Arwin from "The Lord of the Rings."

44. Wear a vibrantly designed and colored suit and a bowl-cut wig to play Elton Jon.

45. Get some gal pals together to be Charlie's Angels (the new cast).

46. Get out your hairspray and curling iron to recreate Farah Faucet's feathered hairstyle.

47. Be any one of James Bond's many babes.

48. Dress up like Reese Witherspoon's "Legally Blond" character, complete with a real or fake Chihuahua.

49. OOH LA LA.

Dress up like Sharon Stone in her incredibly revealing "Basic Instinct" dress - a white dress with a slit that goes far too high.

50. Capture young Hollywood by dressing up like teen queen Lindsey Lohan"¦ complete with designer (looking) duds and a red bracelet.

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