Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Great Ideas For Infants

Find fifty fabulous ideas for Halloween costumes for babies.

Looking for an idea for your baby's Halloween costume? Try one of these fun costumes for your littlest trick-or-treater.

How does your garden grow?

Pick one of these flower, fruit or vegetable costumes for your baby.

1. Chili pepper: Wrap baby in a red hot chili bunting and top with a green stem hat.

2. Pea pod: Top a green bunting with three or four large green foam balls in a row to put your sweet pea in this pod.

3. Sunny sunflower: A yellow petal-covered hat or headband tops this floral costume. Dress in green pajama's and attach some large felt leaves.

4. Pumpkin: Who could resist your little pumpkin dressed as a jack-o-lantern. Add a face to any orange sweat suit or pajamas for this Halloween classic.

5. Banana: A yellow bunting has the perfect appeal for your baby's Halloween.

6. Carrot: Make a leafy green carrot top hat to go with baby's orange pajamas for this fabulous root vegetable costume.


Your infant will be cute as a bug in one of these animal, bird or insect costumes.

7. Butterfly: Use craft foam to create soft and flexible wings for your gossamer girl. Antennae on a hat complete the look.

8. Ladybug: Red pajamas with black dots and an antennae hat get your ladybug ready to go.

9. Lion: Your baby will be the "mane" attraction in a cute lion costume. Add a fluffy mane and a tail to a brown sleeper to create a king for your jungle.

10. Elephant: A hat with giant elephant ears and a trunk (placed below baby's mouth) will turn your little one into an elephant in no time.

11. Honey bee: Your baby will be sweet as honey in yellow and black striped pajamas, craft foam wings and antennae.

12. Sheep: Fleecy attire and floppy ears can turn your little lamb into the cutest sheep on the block.

13. Bunny: Long ears and white or pink pajama sleepers with a fluffy tail make this bunny look.

14. Kitty cat: A set of kitty ears, some warm pajamas and some face paint whiskers will turn baby into the cat's meow.

15. Turtle: Add a shell cut from green craft foam to green or yellow p.j.s for a quick and easy turtle.

16. Spider: Add eight floppy arms to a black bunting or sweat suit for an arachnid look sure to please.

17. Puppy: Floppy ears and a felt dog tag added to a footed sleeper help puppy dress for the big day.

18. Mouse: Giant mouse ears and a long tail will get your little squeaker ready for the holiday.

19. Teddy bear: Sweet bear ears and a furry bunting or sleeper makes baby the cutest snuggler.

20. Skunk: A white stripe on black pajamas will effectively costume your little stinker this Halloween.

21. Beaver: A brown faux fur sleeper paired with a big flat tail gets your busy beaver ready to trick-or-treat.

22. Frog: Add bulging eyes to the top of a hooded green outfit for a tiny amphibian.

23. Chick: Create a white hat with beady eyes and an orange beak to pair with a white outfit to have the cutest chick on the block.

24. Duck: Your little quacker will be a hit with a duck beak and webbed feet.

People, places and things

Pick from this list of people, characters, home electronics and goodies.

25. Court jester: Your little one will be sure to make everyone smile dressed in a sleeper and a motley jester's cap.

26. Princess: A flowing dress and a cone shaped hat topped with tulle make any baby girl into the princess she really is

27. Angel: A halo hat and white craft foam wings paired with a white gown dress any little angel in style.

28. Little devil: Red satin and a horned hat bring out the naughty side of a little devil.

29. Super baby: Red and blue pajamas with the signature "S" on the chest will help super baby save the planet.

30. Elmo: Create everyone's favorite furry red monster with a faux fur sleeper and an Elmo face hat.

31. Care Bear: Pick your favorite Care Bear and add the appropriate design to the stomach of a fleecy sleeper. Add bear ears and you are good to go.

32. Hot dog: Decorate a bunting to look like a hot dog in a bun. Add ketchup and mustard to taste.

33. Cheerleader: A sweater and a short cheerleading skirt will have your baby girl ready to cheer on the team.

34. Hershey bar: A brown bunting with silver "Hershey" lettering up the center makes this a super easy sweet treat.

35. Mermaid: turn the foot of a bunting into a mermaid's tail with craft foam and sequins or glitter glue.

36. Remote control: Decorate a bunting with power, number, volume and channel buttons.

37. Alien: Decked out in green, give baby a big head alien hat with eyes.

38. Lady Liberty: A lady liberty craft foam crown and a torch can be combined with a swaddling blanket for a quick Statue of Liberty costume.

39. Ice cream sundae: Put felt "sprinkles" on a vanilla or strawberry pajama outfit and top with a whipped cream hat (use fake fur or tulle) with a fake giant cherry.

40. Dragon: Dragon wings in royal purple pair with green pajamas for a dragon costume. For toddlers add craft foam spikes and a long tail to the outfit.

41. Magician: A tall hat decorated with stars and moons and a satiny magicians robe make the best magic.

42. Biker baby: A tiny motorcycle jacket and jeans will get your little biker ready for anything.

43. Elvis: A sequined white jumpsuit will get baby ready to rock and roll.

44. Train conductor: A conductor's hat and vest will prepare baby to call "All aboard!"

45. Ballerina: A tutu and toe shoes will have baby dancing this Halloween.

46. Star: Create a five-pointed bunting for your shining star to wear.

47. Clown: Send in the clowns with baby in a satin clown suit and floppy shoes.

48. Christmas tree: Decorate a green outfit with fabric or craft foam ornaments. Add a star or angle to a hat to top this tree.

49. Raggedy Anne: The classic white and red gingham dress can be topped with a red hat wig for this floppy classic.

50. Raggedy Andy: The classic white and red gingham shirt and jeans can be topped with a red hat wig for this floppy classic.

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