Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Ideas For Couples

With a little creativity and imagination, a couple can do matching costumes and be the hit of the party.

1. Caught in Lover's Lane: Man can wear a button-down shirt buttoned all wrong, lipstick kisses on his face and shirt, pants slightly unzipped, shoes untied or on wrong feet and hair messed up. Woman can wear skirt tucked into back of pantyhose, missing one shoe, make up smeared, hair messed up, and bra on the outside of shirt.

2. Movie, TV or Cartoon Couples: pick your favorite couple from TV and dress as them.

3. Widowed Wife and Deceased Husband: Woman dresses in all black with a black veil and carries tissues. Man dresses in a nice suit but paints face to look dead.

4. Dead Groom and Bride: Woman wears white dress and man wears tuxedo of black suit. Paint face to look pale and eyes sunken in.

5. Opposite Bride and Groom: The woman wears the tuxedo and the man wears the wedding dress.

6. Wrestler and Valet: Man dresses as wrestler and woman wears a sexy dress and heels. Or, for a more comical effect, the woman can dress as a wrestler and the man as a sexy female valet.

7. Celebrity and Paparazzi: One of the two dresses up real nice, wears sunglasses and acts real stuck-up and popular. The other wears regular clothes but has 2 or 3 cameras around neck and is following the celebrity. Paparazzi often hide around corners or behind things and sneaks photos or shouts things like "turn to the right! And "just one photo please!"

8. Titanic Survivors: Wear fancy clothes from the early 1900's. Place gel in the hair for that wet look, drape some seaweed in hair and wear life preservers around waist that says "Titanic."

9. Lady and the Tramp: Man dresses as a female (lady) and the woman dresses like a Hobo (tramp).

10. Ketchup and Mustard: One wears all red and the other wears all yellow.

11. Salt and Pepper: One wears all black and the other all white.

12. Hot and Cold: One wears blue and has icicle decorations (like the kind sold at Christmas) or pictures of icicles on clothes. The other dresses in all orange, red or yellow with pictures of flames and fire.

13. Night and Day: One dresses in dark blue or black and paints a picture of the moon and stars on face. The other dresses in sky blue or yellow and paints picture of sun on face.

14. Dracula and Victim: Man dresses as Dracula. Woman dresses as his victim with a pale face, nightgown and bite marks on neck.

15. Psycho Killer and Victim: Man dresses real wild with fake blood smeared on clothes and face and carries a fake weapon. Woman wears torn clothes, messed up hair, fake blood and walks around looking real paranoid and screaming a lot.

16. Doctor and Patient: One should dress in a lab coat and wears stethoscope or has doctor equipment in pockets. The other dresses in a hospital gown.

17. Vet and Animal: One dresses as a pet (cat, dog, etc) and the other dresses like a doctor.

18. Siamese Twins: Sew clothes together to be Siamese Twins.

19. Three-Legged Race Partners: Wear regular clothes, tennis shoes and tie two legs together.

20. Fish and Chips: One dresses as a fish and the other can wear solid color clothing and attach empty chip bags to clothes.

21. Wild West: One can dress as a cowboy and the other as a saloon girl.

22. Historical Figures: pick your favorite people from the past and dress as them.

23. Fictional Characters: pick your favorite fictional characters from literature.

24. Upper and Lower GI's: One wears army pants and the other wears army jacket or shirt.

25. Ebony and Ivory: One wears all black and the other white or light cream colored clothing. For an added effect, paint faces to match.

26. Me and My Shadow: One wears regular clothing, the other one wears all black including painting face black and wearing a black hat that covers up hair. Follow the other person around all night and mimic what they do.

27. An Echo: Both people dress normally but one repeats what the other one says all night long.

28. Gangster and Flapper: Man dresses as a 1920's gangster and woman dresses as a 1920's flapper.

29. Favorite Comedic Duo: Dress as your favorite comedy team like Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello.

30. Bonnie and Clyde: Dress in clothes of the 1920's (Clyde should have a pin-striped suit) carry fake machine guns and for some originality go as Bonnie and Clyde after they were shot; add lots of bullet holes and fake blood to your clothes.

31. Dragon and Slayer: One dresses up as a dragon and the other dresses up as a knight, complete with sword.

32. Vampire and Slayer: One dresses up as a vampire and the other dresses up in normal clothes but carries crosses, holy water and a wooden stake.

33. Frankenstein and his Bride.

34. Dracula and his Bride

35. King Kong and Faye Ray: One wears a gorilla suit and the other wears a dress and blonde wig.

36. Mad Scientist and his Failed Experiment: One dresses in a lab coat, teases their hair wild, wears safety goggles and has test tubes in pocket. The other dresses with clothes and hair all messed up, different shoes, clothes on the wrong body parts"┬Žetc.

37. Square-Dance Couple: Wear western or square-dance outfits.

38. Dead Prom Couple: Wear prom outfits and paint faces to look dead, tear clothing and add some fake blood.

39. Favorite Singing Duo: dress as your favorite singing duo such as Sonny and Cher.

40. Fairy Tale Characters: Pick your favorite fairy tale characters like Red Riding Hood and the Wolf or Beauty and the Beast.

41. Milk and Cookies: Make large cardboard milk and cookies. Attach straps to them to tie around waist.

42. Sailor and Mermaid: Man dresses as a sailor and woman dresses like a mermaid.

43. Moby Dick and Captain Ahab: One dresses as a ship captain and the other dresses as a whale.

44. Pirate Couple: both persons dress as pirates.

45. Love Birds: Dress in bird costumes and act lovey-dovey all night long.

46. Honeymoon: One dresses in white and paints the moon on their face. The other dresses in yellow or light brown and wears a fake honey pot on their head.

47. Amazon and Slave: Woman dresses like an Amazon warrior and man dresses like her slave. Works best if she has a whip and he is in chains.

48. Cop and Prisoner: One dresses like a cop and the other in a prison suit (the type with black and white stripes).

49. Grant Woods Painting: Dress as the dour farmer couple in the famous painting (he holds a pitchfork and wears a black coat; she wears a black dress with white lace collar)

50. Farmer and Animal: One dresses as a farmer and the other dresses as a barnyard animal.

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