Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Last Minute, Easy Ideas

With these easy, last-minute ideas using things from around the house, you won't have to worry about being stuck without a costume on Halloween.

Have you ever found yourself stuck without a costume on Halloween? With these easy, last-minute ideas using things from around the house, you won't have to worry.

1. Highway - Wear black clothing, add lines with yellow construction paper, felt or electrical tape, and attach accents like toy cars, stop signs, road kill, etc.

2. Three-headed person - Blow up two balloons and draw faces on them. Attach them to your shoulders and give yourself and the balloons similar "collars," like neckties or necklaces.

3. Backwards person - Simply put your clothes on backwards and add some more obvious touches like a pair of sunglasses on the back of your head or something with a zipper that will show up on your back.

4. Sky - Wear light blue clothing and add clouds, birds and a sun made from construction paper or felt.

5. Flower bed/garden - Wear green or brown clothing. Attach artificial flowers to your clothes. Make some grass and leaves from construction paper or felt and attach between the flowers.

6. Static cling - Wear a sweatsuit and attach socks and dryer sheets with clothespins.

7. Gypsy - This is a Halloween standard, but if you have some long skirts, beads, shawls and handkerchiefs already around the house, this is a very simple costume to piece together.

8. Cat - Wear solid-colored clothing in a reasonable cat color, make a collar out of paper or a strip of fabric and do the same for ears, attaching them to a headband. The tail can be made from another strip of fabric. A nose and whiskers can be added with make-up, if you happen to have dark colors handy, or you can also use poster paint.

9. Dog - You can create a dog costume in the same general way as a cat, but you might need to put a little extra work into the tail to make it thicker like a dog's.

10. Bunny - A bunny costume can also be made along the same lines as the cat and dog, but you'll need a large powder puff or pom-pom for the tail.

11. Superhero - You can make up a unique hero with special skills that fit items you have around the house (SuperCook, maybe?) or you can go the more traditional route by making a logo for your chest from paper, felt or scrap fabric decorated with markers and a cape made from a towel.

12. Farmer - If someone in your house has a flannel shirt and a handkerchief/bandanna, you've got the basic materials. Jeans would work with this costume, but overalls are best. Carry a shovel or pitchfork if it's safe for you to do so.

13. Cowboy/Cowgirl - Just add a cowboy hat and boots to the jeans, flannel shirt and bandanna.

14. Gardener - You can also use jeans and flannel for this costume, but then add gardening gloves and a sun hat, and carry around a potted plant, if possible.

15. Sports fan - Wear as much paraphernalia from your favorite sports team as possible.

16. Football player - If you or someone in your house plays football, give the uniform an extra use on Halloween.

17. Soccer player - The same ideas as the football player.

18. Basketball player - Again, the same idea as the football player.

19. Baseball player - Again, the same idea as the football player.

20. Tennis player - Again, the same idea as the football player.

21. Cheerleader - It's useful if someone in your house already has a cheerleader uniform, but you could also put this together with a flared skirt and sweater of your own.

22. Dancer - Another costume that really only works if someone in your family is a dancer. Reuse an old recital costume, or go simple with a leotard and tights.

23. Tourist - Wear a loud Hawaiian shirt, strap a camera around your neck and carry a map everywhere you go.

24. Construction worker - Find a tool belt and load it up with as many tool as you can carry. Pair it with a jeans, a flannel shirt, and work boots (or the closest shoes you have.)

25. Movie star - Wear your most stylish outfit, add a pair of sunglasses and adopt a movie star attitude.

26. Ghost - It's a Halloween cliché, but draping a sheet over yourself and cutting out eye holes is a perfectly viable costume.

27. Dice - If you have a large square box in the basement, you can spray paint the entire box white, add cut-out black dots and then cut out holes for the arms and head, cutting off the flaps of one side to be the bottom.

28. Rubik's Cube - You can also make a Rubik's Cube from a large square box, but it will take a little more time and effort to add the proper squares. If you have a lot of construction paper sitting around, it might work well, though.

29. TV - The large square box can also turn you into a TV. Draw the screen and appropriate buttons on the front. You might also want to add an antenna made from wire coat hangers or wrapped up foil.

30. Gift - Another use for the large square box - simply wrap it like you would any other gift or just tape a piece of paper to each side, and then cut out the neck and arm holes. Add a bow or gift tag to jazz it up.

31. With a more rectangular box, you can become your favorite book with just some paper pasted on the sides and a book title added with markers.

32.Car or truck - A more rectangular box can also be turned into a vehicle of your choice, although the longer you have to plan your costume, the more detail you can add. But at its most basic, you just need wheels, a solid colored box and some lines drawn for doors and windows and so on.

33. Ninja - Combine tight black clothing with a hood/face mask made from wrapping a black shirt or scraps of black cloth around your head. Be stealthy.

34. Hunter - Wear your favorite hunting gear, or hunting clothing borrowed from a family member. Camouflage face paint is a must with this costume.

35. Fisherman - Wear fishing clothes like waders and a vest and carry a fishing pole slung over your shoulder.

36. Baby - Wear some pajamas, carry a blanket, a stuffed animal, and a pacifier or bottle if you have any around the house.

37. Trash - Take a large trash bag and cut out holes for your arms and legs, bunching the top around your neck. Add crumpled up paper inside the bag for added volume.

38. Beauty queen - Use an old formal dress and make a "Miss ______" sash from a strip of fabric.

39. Play on words - Think of a common saying or an everyday object and dress in a way that describes it. For instance, dangle a leaf from a hat in front of your face, and blow on the leaf, so you can call yourself a "leafblower."

40. Painting - Carry a large picture frame in front of you, or attach it to your clothing If you're feeling creative, you can make yourself a specific type of painting, like a Picasso with some misplaced body parts made out of construction paper.

41. Your Friend/Spouse/Etc. - Pair up with someone you know and dress up as each other. You can highlight the other person's style in clothing or go for something simpler like switching genders.

42. Zookeeper - Wear khaki clothing and carry around a few zoo-appropriate stuffed animals.

43. Hula dancer - Wear a bathing suit and make a "grass skirt" by cutting strips in a trash bag and wrapping it around your waist. Most everyone has a lei that they've kept around after a party or other event, but if not, you can make one by stringing together tissue paper flowers or artificial flowers.

44. Nerd - Look for the nerdiest clothing in the house. Some essentials include pants that are too short, slicked back hair, suspenders and thick glasses that have been taped together.

45. Skier - Wear your snowsuit, hat and mittens and carry around your ski poles or skis.

46. Witch - If you have a black dress, you can dress up as a witch. Make a cape from a piece of black fabric. Adding a few drops of green food coloring to foundation will give you a sickly glow. Frizzing out your hair as much as possible will also help add to the look.

47. Skeleton - Wear black clothing and attach bones cut from paper plates to your body.

48. Hippie - This one depends a little more on having the right clothing around the house, but a tie-dyed shirt or a long, flowery flowing dress can be the basis of the costume. Add some beads and paint peace signs on your face with make-up or paint. If you have bell bottoms around from one of the times when they were fashionable again, even better.

49. Mad scientist - If you have a lab coat from chemistry class, wear it over an outfit of your choice (perhaps the previously described clothing for a nerd costume). Use hairspray to make your hair stand on end and carry around a plain glass with a colored-water "potion" in it.

50. Old man or woman - For an old woman, wear a long, plain dress, thick hose or rights and sensible shoes. For an old man, use plain dress pants or long shorts with knee socks and a button-up shirt. Carry a cane and wear glasses if they're available. Use flower to make your hair white.

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