Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Scary And Gory Ideas

50 Halloween scary and gory costume ideas, from animal attacks and accidents to Hollywood characters and classic ideas. Includes details appropriate to each costume.

Halloween is the ultimate holiday to embrace a little bit of the dark side. Some people accomplish this through terrifying costumes doused with horrifying makeup and effects. Other scary costumes are more subtle, revealing their horror not only by appearance but also by the innocent, trusted nature of the character. Some costumes require more effort or creativity than others, but all result in a delightfully frightening holiday.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Famous Frights

Thanks to Hollywood special effects, some famous horror figures are time-honored scary and gory costumes.

1. Carrie: A pastel prom gown, complete with tiara and sash, is a gruesome testament to the horrors of high school when drenched in blood. For the best effect, pour blood over the head after the wearer is fully dressed.

2. Hockey Player: Jason's famous hockey mask is the basis for a horrific hockey player. Include in-line skates, blood-splattered jersey, and bloody hockey stick for a compete ensemble.

3. Cannibal: Hannibal Lector is Hollywood's most famous cannibal, and a costume with a lower-face mask, straight-jacket, a bit of blood around the lips, and a severed arm carried as a late-night snack creates a fitting tribute.

4. Chainsaw Murderer: Many horror movies feature a crazed chainsaw murderer. Along with the bloody chainsaw, include a pair of safety goggles to convey the image of a coldly calculating killer.

5. Ax Murderer: Another popular psychopathic killer, an ax murderer typically sports heavy boots and a blood-soaked work shirt. For a more rustic approach, use a flannel shirt with suspenders and a woven cap.

6. Psycho Shower Victim: A generation of movie goers refused to take showers for fear of the horrors inflicted there. A shower cap, shower curtain wrapped around the body, and a vicious chest stab wound complete this gruesome tableau. For further detail, carry a bar of soap or a washcloth.

7. Headless Horseman: A favorite for decades, the headless horsemen costume is easily created with an oversize cloak (worn over the head) and a fake severed head. An all black wardrobe is essential, as is the fresh blood dripping from the neck.

8. Pinhead: Monstrous and graphic, this cinematic creature personifies fear. Additional blood around the pins creates a gorier appearance and works well when contrasted with the necessary black clothing.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Classic Horror Ideas

Year after year, some ideas are instant favorites. The level of gore can be adjusted to the tastes of the wearer, but everyone will recognize these horrors.

9. Mad Scientist: A tragic victim of his own experiments, the scientist's melted face was burned by acid that left a gory residue. For a shocking contrast, only mutate part of the face. A lab coat is a necessary garment and may be accompanied by test tubes or other laboratory equipment.

10. Corpse: Recently deceased or generously decomposed, a corpse is a Halloween classic. Advanced decomposition can include small worms or other insects, exposed bone, and smears of dirt to indicate that the recently departed dug their way out for the family reunion.

11. Decapitated Victim: Whether removed by knife, guillotine, or sword, the severed head should accompany the costume in a bloody basket. Period costume can indicate the method of execution, and generous amounts of blood should coat the neck and shoulders of the costume.

12. Stabbing Victim: Any knife wound is capable of profound blood and gore, and the options for a classic stabbing victim are endless. A single large wound or multiple cuts can be used, the knife can be embedded in the flesh or removed, and the victim can be wearing a variety of different clothes, from casual wear to business or formal attire. A serrated knife adds an additional connotation of violence.

13. Amputee: A severed limb is an instant gory classic. Whether hand or foot, arm or leg, the amputated limb generates large amounts of blood, which can be evident in the soaked bandages or gory stump. For a historical approach, choose a Civil War or other battle victim as the amputee.

14. Shop Teacher: With a drill through the eye, hammer through the skull, and boards nailed to the body, this teacher's lessons don't include building a bookcase.

15. Gunshot Victim: Blood and gore can be added to either military or civilian costumes as gunshots, whether one strategically placed wound or several different penetrations.

16. Little Red Riding Hood: Not quite the fairy tale heroine, this girl never made it to Grandmother's house. Claw slashes, savage bites, and patches of fur indicate the wolf's victory.

17. Alien Host: Inspired by science fiction horror, an alien emerging violently from the abdomen of its human host is the perfect opportunity to horrify even the most tolerant observer.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Violent Victims

Premeditated murder is the source of these unfortunate victims. Copious amounts of blood, gore, and other effects illustrate the violence of their deaths.

18. Scalping Victim: Whether partially or fully scalped, a bald headpiece and mangled wig are essential accessories to create this costume, and a tomahawk can be embedded in the scalp or carried for further realism.

19. Drawn and Quartered Victim: A particularly messy form of torture and execution, medieval garb will lend a further sense of drama to the wounds that literally separate the victim limb from limb.

20. Suicide Hanging Victim: A rope around the neck, blue skin, and a crumpled note are necessary, while a trickle of blood from the ears and lips add even greater detail to this sinister costume.

21. Suicide Wrist Slashing Victim: Generously bloody wrists can be accompanied by smaller cuts on the arms and legs, as if the victim experimented with length and depth before making the final slashes.

22. Electrocution Victim: Whether used as the death penalty or a home repair mishap, this costume requires singed hair, bloody nails, and ash on exposed skin and clothing for the best effect. Skin can be puckered and blistered, and blood could be evident around the lips and ears.

23. Garrote Victim: A more refined method of murder, a thin wire embedded around the victim's neck strikes horror into the minds of observers. The victim's fingernails should be encrusted with blood, and ragged fingerprints around the neck indicate the struggle against their killer.

24. Disemboweled Victim: Another method of medieval execution, disemboweling leaves the victim literally holding their own organs, and creates a grand opportunity to generate blood and gore. Intestines looped over the shoulder or dragging on the pavement are a popular choice for demonstrating this violent death.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Animals

Common phobias of rats, cats, and dogs lend psychological horror to these costumes along with the blood and gore of an animal attack.

25. Shark Attack: Either a wetsuit or swimsuit with jagged edges, blood, and a semi-circular bite pattern illustrates the horrors lurking in the depths.

26. Roadkill: Not precisely an animal attack, a roadkill costume can be gruesome nonetheless. Matted fur, tire tracks, mud, and appropriate entrails are all necessary details.

27. Feline / Canine Attack: A rabid dog or large cat can inflict serious bite and claw wounds, and shredded clothes, bits of fur, and saliva round out the savage image.

28. Rodent Attack: Murophobia, the intense fear of rats or mice, adds a psychological terror to this costume. Multiple small, bloody bites should be present on all exposed skin, and rats or mice can be attached to the victim's clothing.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Accidents

Many violent deaths are accidental but no less bloody and terrifying than the most calculated murder.

29. Burn Victim: Blisters, red, singed skin, a charred wig and semi-burned clothes provide gory detail to this hot costume.

30. Car Accident: A high speed crash leaves the victim with glass shards embedded in their flesh as well as charred and torn clothing. For additional detail, choose different glass shards to include taillights and windshield glass.

31. Construction Worker: A hardhat isn't protection enough from the steel girder that crushes this victim's skull. Work gloves, heavy boots, and a tool belt are additional costume requirements.

32. Hemorrhagic Fever Victim: Disease may not seem scary or gory, but hemorrhagic fever victims bleed from the eyes, nose, and mouth, and develop dozens of open sores. Waxy skin, limp hair, and a hospital gown complete the image.

33. Hunter: Despite the bow or rifle, the deer was the victor, as evidenced by the antlers embedded in this hunter's chest. The antler tines would shred the skin, and hoof prints can mar the shoulder and arms.

34. Bar Brawl Participant: After a few too many drinks, this victim lost the fight. A broken bottle should be carried, while broken glass can be embedded in the face or skull in a tight circle. A broken nose, ripped collar, and even the smell of alcohol will enhance this attire.

35. Street Fight Participant: Similar to the bar brawl participant, a street fight victim may have a broken nose, black eye, or torn shirt. Knife or bullet wounds add additional gore.

36. Radiation Poisoning Victim: While the height of radiation fear occurred during the Cold War, the memories of duck-and-cover drills are not forgotten. Radiation exposure causes blistering and reddened skin, cracked membranes, and a pale or off-color complexion. A lab technician or civilian may experience such gruesome symptoms.

37. Knife-Throwing Assistant: Practice makes perfect, and the magician performing this stunt should have practiced more. A wooden or cardboard backdrop provides the throwing surface, complete with knives that were thrown correctly. The last knife may be embedded in the forehead or chest of the assistant, whose costume should be sequined to indicate that it was all supposed to be part of the show.

38. Joust Contender: Period armor and a shattered shield provide the details explaining the lance through the victim's torso. The length of the lance allows the point to pierce through the contender's back.

39. Skydiver: When the parachute fails to open, the remains of a skydiver are pulverized against the ground. The resulting broken bones are easily forced through the skin in a gory tableau, but the parachute should remain in perfect condition.

40. Titanic Victim: Though a tragic and horrific night, a Titanic victim costume is a unique twist on scary ensembles. A seaweed-strewn life jacket, bloated flesh, and perhaps some fish bites add additional gore. The clothes beneath the life jacket can correspond with either first or third class passengers.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Psychotic Characters

Rather than being victims of violence, these twisted individuals perpetrate it. The overall gore is less visual, but the psychological impact of the costume creates even more horror.

41. Angel: Not a guardian, but a harbinger of death, this angel's white wings are dripping with blood. Black wings should be avoided as too cliché, and will not have the psychological implications that a good angel gone bad will convey.

42. Bride: Jilted at the alter, this bride's white gown is covered with blood that obviously isn't her own. For good measure, the bouquet should be ragged and bloody.

43. Priest: While this religious man's garments are impeccable, the holy book he carries is drenched in blood as he urges sinners to repent. Sunken eyes and wild hair indicate the private hell he inhabits.

44. Housewife: June Cleaver she isn't: with her perfect dress, apron, and sensible shoes, few people will suspect her psychosis until recognizing that the bloody pie she's offering isn't cherry, but is filled with severed fingers or other body parts.

45. Postal Worker: Navy shorts, canvas bag, and assorted letters and packages are as necessary as the gun and the blood on the blue work shirt of this civil servant. For extra detail, packages can be ticking or leaking white powders to demonstrate his commitment to delivering his psychotic message.

46. Ice Cream Man: A paper hat and striped apron offer an image of childhood nostalgia, but the cone dripping blood is every child's nightmare.

Scary and Gory Costumes: Miscellaneous

These undeniably gory ideas defy classification but still remain popular as scary costumes.

47. Inverted Anatomy: Challenging to create, this costume is well worth the effort. Different organs can be displayed in pristine condition, decomposed, or diseased.

48. Lobotomy Patient: An open skull complete with surgical instruments creates a terrifying image. A hospital gown, intravenous bottle, and wristband add additional realism to the costume.

49. Plastic Surgery Patient: Hideous scars circled in blue indicate the coming surgery, as does the hospital gown and wristband.

50. Dangling Eyeball: Perfect on its own or as an additional gory detail to other costumes, a dangling eyeball complete with nerves, muscle, and sinew is a gruesome sight that many people won't be able to look away from.

Whether you're interested in a classic costume, a psychotic demeanor, a little blood or a lot of gore, there are scary and gory costumes suitable for any level of horror. No matter how detailed, all of the costumes have one thing in common: they make Halloween a frightfully good time.

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