Halloween Costume Projects: How To Make Your Own Cheap Angel Costume

A quick and easy way to make an inexpensive angel costume for Halloween, using household items.


* A long white or pale colored dress

* Two Large Pieces of Cardboard/Posterboard

* White pipe cleaners

* Wire coat hanger (optional)

* Silver glitter, glue

* Staples or Needle/thread

* White Thread or White ribbon (optional)

The main item in an angel costume is the dress. A long, flowing white or pale (think light yellow, pastel blue, or soft pink) solid dress is ideal. Check in your closet. A child can often wear a woman's slip as an angel garment. Thrift shops and resale shops often have an abundance of such garments for next to nothing prices. White robes, too, are excellent angel wardrobes. The garment can be tied at the waist or directly under the chest with rope, white thread or ribbon, or even left untied if desired.

The second item that needs to be created is the set of angel wings. These can be made by cutting the cardboard or poster board into two identical tear-drop shapes. While it is not required, it is recommended that the size of the tear drops be no larger than the length of the costume-wearer's arm from the shoulder to the elbow. This will prevent awkward weight for the person as well as keep the wings from weighing the dress down. An optional decoration for the wings is to line the edges with glue and sprinkle glitter on it to create a silver edge around the wings. Another decoration would be to cover the entire cardboard wing with glue (spray glue works best for this) and cover the entire wing with glitter. Remember to allow the glue and glitter to dry before attaching the wings to the dress. Align the teardrops so that the pointed parts are horizontal and staple together. This will give you a loose sideways figure eight shape.

To attach the wings to the dress, staple the figure eight shaped wings to the back of the dress. For a more secure attachment, you can choose to sew the fabric to the center point of the wings. Both of these attachments can easily be removed after the costume has been worn.

The third key item in an angel costume is the halo. There are several ways to make this piece. First, you can take a wire coat hanger, snip the hook part off, and bend it into a circular shape. Then, wrap white pipe cleaners around it, covering all of the brown wiring until you have a white circle. You can attach long pieces of ribbon for a tail if so desired. Another version of the halo is to simply twist two or three pieces of white or light pipe cleaner together into a circle and placed upon the head. A less costly yet shinier version of the halo can be made by using tin foil. Just take out several sheets of tin foil and mold into a circle.


Wearing pantyhose or tights is also a nice touch to the angel costume, as it will make the costume look dressier while also attracting more glitter. White tights would add the perfect touch, but tan colored pantyhose found around the house also work well.

If the costume-wearer is female, creating barrel curls and tying ribbons in the hair creates a desirable effect. Using a light pink lipstick to create rosy cheeks on both boys and girls is a delightful touch.

An old white pillowcase can be turned into a cape simply by making a lengthwise cut down one seam and one cut to open the bottom. Glitter and glue can be applied to decorate the cape as well.

Glitter can be applied to the face and body by rubbing lotion or petroleum jelly to the desired body parts and sprinkling the glitter generously over the covered areas. Additionally, leftover glitter can be put in a plastic bag to be carried around as angel dust.

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