Halloween Costume Projects: How To Make Your Own Cheap Medieval Costume

Making a quick and inexpensive medieval costume is surprisingly easy! Use this guide to help you create one to your liking.

Making a quick and inexpensive costume of this type is surprisingly easy; most of the materials can be found in your home or at your local thrift store.

Women - You can opt for either simple or elaborate here, depending on what materials you have handy. If you intend to sew your own costume, buy a pattern and fabric for either a simple cotton dress (foot-length), or a more elaborate pattern with gauzy fabric or velour for a noblewoman. A peasant's dress should be layered and have a hood or scarf to cover her head if possible. A noblewoman should have puffed upper sleeves (bell sleeves are also fine), and a popular dress design is to have a fat stripe of a lighter fabric traveling down her front. The noblewoman's dress should also be padded sparingly with crinoline. If you can't or don't have time to sew your costume, your local thrift store may have dresses that will be suitable alone or with a few alterations.

Accessories are what will make this costume stand out. A peasant will be clothed simply, of course, with only the addition of short boots and a hood or simple frock. A noblewoman will need more, beginning with the conical hat you may be familiar with. Create this by covering Bristol board in fabric matching the color of your dress, or another similar material, and form it into a cone with an opening in the top about the size of a quarter. Thread a colorful scarf through the hole and allow it to dangle. The hat can be secured on your head using bobby pins or by gluing fabric elastic to the bottom to stretch under your neck. As for jewelry, a heavy copper, gold or bronze bracelet with dull stones will set the costume off nicely. A braided gold belt, choker and dangle earrings will also add to the effect.

Men - The main body of the costume may be difficult to find, so you are best off sewing this yourself. For a peasant, acquire a pattern and fabric for a tunic in brown or another earthy color. A long robe can accentuate this, especially if you desire a monkish look. For a nobleman, a more elegant fabric can be used for the same pattern, though you may want to lengthen it and line the sleeves, collar and other edged with a gold trim. Red or blue works nicely here, with accents of white and gold. Tights or other leggings in the same color as the tunic should be worn for both designs, and boots made of a soft material in brown or tan.

The hat, if you intend to wear one, probably will also have to be created from scratch. It is fitted to the head with a band of one color and a stiff fabric, and is attached to a different-colored beret-shaped top. A feather plume is usually inserted in the band. The nobleman costume can be accessorized by a pendant of some sort, made out of a heavy metal or a religious symbol.

Once you have all these parts, your costume is ready to go! Customize it as much as you like, and show it off!

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