Halloween Costume Projects: How To Make Your Own Cheap Pirate Costume

Want to be a pirate for Halloween but don't want to spend a lot of money? Then try this cheap and homemade pirate costume project.

Halloween will be here before you know it and, with Thanksgiviing and Christmas approaching rapidly after that, most of us will have tight budgets. Instead of going to your local costume store and shelling out a hundred bucks for a costume that you will only wear once, why not simply make your own? Here are some ideas on how to make your own homemade pirate costume.

Although it may seem difficult, making a pirate costume is quite easy. You will need to have a white dress shirt, black pants, black vest and tall black boots to be a pirate. Meanwhile, we'll show you how to make the accessories: bandana, belt, eye patch, and sword. The parrot on the shoulder is optional.

To make the eye patch, you will need some black felt, white felt, cardboard and some black elastic rope. Cut the cardboard into the shape of an eye patch, which is a bit elliptical. Staple the black elastic rope onto the cardboard on either side, making sure it will fit snugly around your head. Cut the black felt out into the exact same shape and glue the black felt onto the top of the cardboard (this will hide the staple). Draw a pattern of a skull and cross bones onto the white felt and cut it out. It should be small enough to fit onto the eye patch. Glue the skull and cross bones onto the eye patch.

The belt and bandana are quite simple to make. You will need to have a black silky piece of material for the bandana. Simply cover your head with the bandana and tie it in back, leaving the ends hanging behind your head. You can choose one of two belt styles. When you are wearing your dress shirt and your black pants, use a rugged rope for your belt. Simply loop it through the pant loops as you would any belt and tie in front, letting the ends hang loose. You can also simply use a long black scarf which you tie around your waist, letting the ends hang on your side.

For the sword, you will need both black and gray cardboard. Black cardboard should be easy to find, but if you cannot find gray cardboard, simply spray paint a white cardboard gray on both sides. On the gray cardboard, cut out the shape of a thick sword blade. Make sure to draw a curvy pirate sword blade. Draw a sword handle on the black cardboard and cut it out. Glue the two pieces together to create your pirate sword. Cut out a long thin strip of black cardboard and attach it to the sword handle in a small loop so that it creates an easy way for you to grip the sword. The best way to see what this effect looks like is to look online at the swords that the pirates carry in store-bought pirate costume pictures.

When getting dressed, make sure to tuck your white shirt into your pants (so that the belt shows) and leave your vest open. Also, roll up your sleeves. If at all possible, tuck the bottom of your pants into your tall black boots. If you want, you can buy a decorative craft parrot to wear on your shoulder for the ultimate pirate effect. Have fun!

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