Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

How to make inexpenisvie Halloween costumes for your children at home from everyday items that don't involve sewing

Halloween is a time for festive fun, but with the rising costs of costumes, and tons of kids wanting to be the same thing, it takes away from the originality and creativity that can be used to make it a spooooktacular good time. There are tons of costumes that can be made simply and easily at home, and you won't look like everybody else on your block.

The Simple

Some of the cutest costumes are the simplest to make. A black cat for a little girl can be completed with a black body suit, black tights, some black felt, pillow stuffing and a headband. Simply cut ear shapes, sew or glue and stuff with stuffing and glue to a headband. Roll a tail and stuff and attach to the body suit with a safety pin. 20 minutes and a little work and you have a witch's best friend. Use a little black eyeliner to draw whiskers on each cheek.

A hobo costume is just as easily made. Simply use old big clothes, sew large colorful patches on them, and stuff a bandana with some newspaper and tie it to a stick.

Clown costumes can be made in the same way, just add make up. Check out your local thrift and resale stores for cheap clothing to use.

Mummy costumes can be made with medical gauze or toilet paper that is wrapped and taped real well. Vampire costumes just require a cape, a pair of fake fangs, a little white make up for that deathly look and some gel to slick the hair back.

All kinds of scary monsters can be made at home with some make up; draw scars with eyeliner, blood with red lipstick, eye shadow can make large dark scary eyes. Add some gel or mousse to a kid's hair to create a wild look. Kids will have a lot of fun making themselves up to look like something out of The Night of the Living Dead.

A Little More Work

Boxes and paint can be used to make great costumes. Close the box and cut out head room and leg room. Depending on how you want to wear it, you can either cut out arm holes, or attach straps to go over your shoulders. Use your paints to create a design. Get together with a friend and be a pair of dice, be a wrapped present, paint the box to look like a car, a computer screen, a haunted house, a coffin, or anything else that will match your box shape.

If you don't mind the mess and you have a thin child, buy a very large pumpkin and cut out the top and bottom and arm holes - they can go as a real pumpkin! Have them wear a yellow shirt and cut a face out of the pumpkin and you have a walking talking jack-o-lantern!

You can also make all kinds of super hero costumes at home. Create new ones! Tape metal objects to your kids and they can be Magnet Man.

Use Your Imagination

Just look around your house. Your child and you can put together costumes from everyday that object, that can be scary and spooky, funny, beautiful or anything else you want them to be. Little girls who love to play dress up may want to go as a cheerleader, prom queen or even a bride. You can find items in your house to make these costumes without running to the store to spend lots of money.

Remember to check out places like resale and thrift shops. They will have bountiful supplies for your ideas at very low prices.

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