Halloween Craft Ideas

Are you looking to make some Halloween crafts with your kids? Here's a bunch of ideas for under ten dollars!

This is the perfect answer for that slow afternoon when everyone is bored, a couple of cups of hot cider and a few sugar cookies will help everyone into a festive mood. This will tell you how to make a dozen or more Halloween crafts. Making these Halloween felt magnets is a project that children as young as three can help with and even teenagers could enjoy. After you finish your shopping get ready for an afternoon filled with silly giggles and sticky fingers.

You're going to need a jumbo size pack of multi-colored felt squares-I bought mine for three-dollars-and-ninety-cents. You will also want a package of plastic puppet eyes, ninety-nine cents for thirty. Make sure you get smaller sized eyes! You are also going to need magnets. I bought a twenty-four inch roll for a dollar-ninety-nine. You simply cut off the size you need and go from there. I'm assuming you have shears and glue at home, any glue (except super glue) will work sufficently.

The first thing now that the shopping is finished is your patterns. You can use your printer to get them or if you want simply free hand draw them. A few notes to keep in mind: with younger children larger patterns work better-they're easier for small hands to decorate. Always wait until the face of your magnet is dry before gluing on the magnet-otherwise it might smear. With all of these you can make as many or as few as you want-just cut out the appropriate number of patterns. You can use your own ideas or follow these guides.

Jack-O-Lanters -- Using your pattern, cut out your pumpkin shapes. You should use orange felt. Now, using black felt cut out two triangles for each's eyes, a smaller triangle for the nose and a set of jagged teeth. Simply glue the cut pieces to the pumpkin then attach a small piece of magnet on the back. Happy Jack-O-Lanterns!

Leaves -- You can use various colors for these, green, brown, yellow and orange. You want your leaves to be about a inch and a half long. Cut out the leaves then assign each two eyes then let the kids choose the rest. Don't forget to glue your magnet on the back. Maybe the leaves will have a purple nose and no mouth but you'll have smiles and new refrigerator decorations!

Ghosts -- Using white felt cut out the ghost shapes. They should be about an inch-and-a-half tall, naturally each ghost will need two eyeballs and once again-let the kids do it! A few suggestions, different colored strands of hair and funky shoes look neat! Glue a small piece of magnet to the back.

Now you can go on using the materials to create even more Halloween magnets. Flying witches, black cats, skulls, skeletons, Frankenstein, scary faces, scarecrows, spiders and witch faces. If you have other craft stuff at home-toss it in and come up with even more! Ask your children for their ideas, usually they'll give you a few worth doing. Most importantly, have fun. Laugh with your children and encourage their own creativity!

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