Halloween Craft Ideas: Paper Grocery Bag Costume And Mask

Here is a great craft idea for your childrens Halloween party. Have them make their own costume and mask. Sure to be a hit.


Paper Grocery Bags

Art Supplies





Have child cut a hole in the bottom of the sack for their head. Then have them cut a hole on each side for their arms. (Save cut out paper)

After they have cut their holes, have them decorate their (costume) sack. They can use crayons, markers, paint, colored and puff glue, glitter, or other art supplies. Once decorated, allow plenty of time to dry.

Take left over paper where they cut out their holes and use to make a mask. Lay all three pieces down flat, with the biggest piece in the middle. Have child hold up to their face and mark places for their eyes, nose and mouth. Take scissors and make cut outs for their eyes, nose, and mouth. Place back on floor between other two cut-outs. Punch one hole in each side of cut-outs. Take string and thread through holes, leaving about a 12-inch strand on each end. Have child decorate mask. Allow time to dry. Once dry, child can don their costume, fit make over face and sides of head, and tie securely in the back.

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