Free Halloween Kid Crafts: Cone Witch Hat Decorations

Learn how to make fun, miniature witch hats with your children for the Halloween season!

Halloween is a great time to make crafts with your family. Making miniature witch hates is very easy, and these hats make fun decorations as well as cute costume pieces for dolls or small animals! Although these hats will not fit on your child's head, they are still fun to make! If you would like to make miniature cone witch hats, make sure you have the following materials:

-Cone paper cups

-Paint and paintbrushes

-Construction paper

-Elmer's glue


Step One: Give one cone to each child that will be doing this project. You can find these cones in most office supply stores. They are the same kind used in water coolers. Using paintbrushes, have each child paint their cone black. Make sure that each child is wearing a paint smock to keep his or her clothing safe from paint stains. You also may want to consider covering your work space with newspapers for an easy cleanup.

Step Two: Have each child cut a circle out of black construction paper. Circles can be drawn easily by tracing the bottoms of cups. You want the diameter of the construction paper circle to be at least one to two inches bigger than the diameter of the paper cup.

Step Three: Attach the circle of construction paper to the bottom of the cone paper cup by using a circle of Elmer's glue. Let the glue dry completely and then move on to the next step.

Step Four: Use orange, yellow, and purple paint to paint stars on the witch's hat. You can also use white and gray paint to paint spider webs, cob webs, and spiders onto the hat.

Step Five: Outline your painted designs with glue and sprinkle glitter over them. Then make a circle of glue around the base of the hat and sprinkle glitter over this part, as well. Wait for the glue to dry and then shake off any excess glitter into a trash can. When everything is dry and in place, you can show off your miniature witch's hat!


-You can make a Glinda the Good Witch type hat by using pink paint, pink construction paper, glitter, and star shapes.

-These miniature hats can be used as witch hats on children's dolls. To do this, cut a rubber band in half. Paint it black (or another color depending on what kind of hat you choose to make) and attach it to the underside of the brim of the hat by using tape, staples, or glue. Glue does not always work well with rubber, but the paint on the rubber may solve this problem. Still, tape and staples are recommended. Now the hat has a head strap to use for attaching it to dolls' heads.

-Depending on the size of your witch hat (the paper cones come in many different sizes) you may be able to attach a small plastic spider to the brim of the hat. Look for this sort of novelty item in a craft store during the Halloween season.

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