Free Halloween Kid Crafts: Feet Ghosts And Goblins

Learn how to get messy and make a spooky Halloween craft ghost or goblin at the same time!

Feet goblins are a great craft to make with kids who like to get a little messy. This craft is great to do around Halloween. You can turn feet goblins into a mural at a school or into little cards at home. Very few materials are needed, and this craft takes very little time. The messiness factor definitely makes it fun, though! If you are interesting in making this spooky craft, read on! Make sure you have the following materials:

-Black paper, either 8x11 or in a roll

-white paint


-Moist toilettes

-Paper plates

-Black permanent markers


Step One: Cover your work area with newspapers; this is going to get messy! Get all of the kids involved to take off one shoe and sock. Make the kids wash their feet before proceeding with the craft! Their feet should be clean and dry before you start.

Step Two: Set out several sheets of black paper, or unroll a section of black paper. Pour white paint into a few paper plates. Make sure that you do not pour a lot of paint, but only enough to make a thin layer on the paper plate. Use a washable, non-toxic paint: it will be coming into contact with skin!

Step Three: Have each child step onto the paper plate so that they have a think layer of white paint on the bottom of their foot. This is why it is important to not pour a lot of paint: you do not want white paint to drip everywhere!

Step Four: Have the kids step onto the black paper. All of the footprints should be facing the same directions: the heel of the foot should be at the top of the page with the toes pointing down to the bottom of the page. This is the ghoul shape! The heel is the head of the ghoul and the toes are the wavy bottom portion. Let the paint dry before moving on to the next step. In the mean time, give the children moist toilettes so that they can clean off the paint from their feet. Baby wipes also work well for this if you do not have access to a washing basin.

Step Five: After the footprints have dried, use the black permanent marker to draw ghostly faces on the ghouls. Then use the remaining white paint to write a spooky Halloween message on the paper! You can make an entire wall-length mural with all of the children in a school, or you can make small Halloween cards to give to friends, family, or classmates. You can also cut out the ghoul shape from the black paper and make a name tag for each child by letting him or her write his or her name along the body of the ghoul.

Be creative and see what other things you can create out of footprints. Maybe animals or parts of nature would work as well? Let the kids talk with each other to think of new ideas, especially in a school setting.

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