Free Halloween Kid Crafts: Haunted House Feelies

Learn how to make boxes of gross concoctions to use at a Halloween party, like eyeballs, intestines, brains and fingernails.

Do you remember Halloween parties from when you were little? Oftentimes, there would be a portion of the party when parents would bring out boxes of gooey, slimy mystery. You would reach your hand inside, believing that you were about to feel real human eyeballs or intestines. When your hand would reach the contents of the mysterious box, you would cry out in horror! Now you can help your own kids scare their friends with the same type of Halloween boxes. If you want to do this craft, make sure you have the following materials:

-old shoeboxes

-old sheet





-pickle relish

-hard-boiled eggs

-moist toilettes

-black plastic bags

-black paint


-olive oil

-marshmallow Fluff


-dish soap

To start making this craft, cut a hole into the top of each shoebox lid. Each hole should be big enough to fit a human hand. Paint each shoebox and shoebox lid black. You only need to paint the outside portion that will be visible. You can decorate the boxes with spooky designs or ghosts and bats if you would like. When the paint on each shoebox has dried, cut a section out of a black plastic bag that will fit over the hole in each lid. Attach the black plastic bag to the inside of the shoebox lid so that it covers the hole. Then cut an X into the black plastic bag. This will keep people from seeing what is inside each box, but it will still let them stick their hands inside.

The next portion of this project consists of making creepy concoctions. In order to make a shoebox of eyeballs, peel a bunch of grapes and put them in the shoebox. Add a dozen small hardboiled eggs and add a bit of olive oil. Mix everything together thoroughly, and then tape the lid of the shoebox to the body of the shoebox.

Make intestines by boiling spaghetti and putting it in the box. Add a cup of salsa and blend the mixture together. You can also add red licorice ropes (the thick kind) to this mixture to add another texture to the fake intestines.

Make a box of brains by mixing together large and small marshmallows and adding marshmallow fluff. This will be a very stick mixture, but it is sure to gross out children!

You can make a box of snot by mixing pickle relish and dish soap together. Although this concoction smells rather foul, it only adds to the gross effect of this project.

A box of fingernails and toenails is easy to put together if you have pumpkin seeds. Have an adult cut hardened (you can bake them in the over to make them hard) pumpkin seeds into small strips. This can take awhile to make enough fingernails to fill part of a box, but this is by far one of the creepiest boxes to stick your hand into.

Be creative and try to come up with your own ideas for gross box contents! Remember to keep moist toilettes on hand if you do not have a nearby sink where children can wash their hands. Also remember that no one should try to eat any of these concoctions!

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