Free Halloween Kid Crafts: Paper Plate Spider Web

Learn how to make a Halloween spider web from a paper plate, paint, and string!

Paper plate spider webs are easy to make and great to use for Halloween decorations. It is always great to spend quality time with your children, especially when they can be creative at the same time! In order to make this simple craft, make sure you have the following materials:

-Paper plates

-Black paint


-White string or yarn

-Fake, plastic spiders

-Hole punch

Step One: Cover your work space with newspaper so that you do not get paint everywhere. Each child should have one paper plate. Using the black paint and paintbrushes, paint the entire surface of the paper plate with black paint. In the end, you should have one solid black disc. Have your children wear paint smocks to avoid getting their clothing covered with black paint.

Step Two: Use the hole punch to create an array of holes on the paper plate. Space them around instead of in one area. If you want an authentic spider web look, try to space them in a circular design.

Step Three: Cut a very long strip of the white string or yarn. Attach one end of the string by tying it through one of the holes in the paper plate. Make the knot on the back of the paper plate so that it is not visible from the front.

Step Four: Begin weaving the string in and out of the holes in any pattern that you wish. For the authentic web looks, go around the circle in a circular manner, and then back the other way. Finally, make lines in a starburst fashion from a hole in the center of the paper plate.

Step Five: When you are finished weaving the string or yarn through the holes, do not tie the end of the string. Instead, let it hang down from the paper plate and attach a spider to the end of it. You now have a paper plate spider web!


-Most supermarkets and craft stores sell synthetic spider web material around Halloween. Although it is more difficult to weave through a paper plate with this material, it looks fantastic. If you want to try this, show your kids how to roll the material into thin strips so that it will fit in the holes of the paper plate.

-You can also use this material to apply a thin layer of material over the top of the entire spider web.

-Try putting a few plastic spiders on the strings of the paper plate. You can also add other fake bugs.

-If you want to take the idea of this craft beyond Halloween, you can paint the paper plates differently and put the holes in a different arrangement. Some ideas include flowers in the spring and a sun in the summer. Kids can also punch holes in the shapes of the letters of their name to make a nameplate. Be creative!

-You can use different colors of string on different parts of the paper plate to make the pattern more intricate.

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