Free Halloween Kid Crafts: Pumpkin Noisemakers

Learn how to make pumpkin seed noisemakers with your children for Halloween.

There is no doubt that kids like to be loud. This craft is a fun way to let your kids be loud and still spend quality time with the entire family. If you carve pumpkins for Halloween, do not let the mushy insides go to waste! Well, the mushy part might go to waste, but this craft puts those pumpkins seeds to use. If you want to make this craft, you will need the following materials:

-Paper plates

-Pumpkin seeds

-Stapler and staples

-Paint and paintbrushes

-Hole punch

-Assorted yarn

Step One: After you have carved your pumpkins, pick out the pumpkin seeds from the mushy insides. Wash them thoroughly and let them sit out for several days until they have hardened. If you do not want to wait for the seeds to dry out, you can put them in the oven for a few minutes. Make sure that the seeds have cooled before you start doing the craft, however.

Step Two: Using the paint and paintbrushes, have your children paint the rounded parts of two papers plates. Don't forget the paint smocks! Some great ideas for Halloween items to paint on the paper plates include jack-o-lanterns, black cats, witches, and ghosts. Let the masterpieces dry and then move on to the third step.

Step Three: Set one of the paper plates on the table so that it is sitting like a normal plate. Pour a small amount of the dried pumpkin seeds on to the plate. Next, set the other paper plate on top of the first paper plate so that the part that bows out is facing you. In other words, you are making a tambourine sort of shape. When the two paper plates are aligned, use the stapler to staple all the way around the outside rims of the plate. You want to make sure that the two plates are secured together so that when you shake the noisemaker, no pumpkin seeds will fall out!

Step Four: Using the hole punch, punch six to eight holes along the rim of the noise maker. Make sure that the holes are not in the central portion of the noisemaker, as the pumpkin seeds may fall out through the holes. Tie pieces of yarn through these holes to make streamers. You now have a completed noisemaker!


-Washable paint works well with younger children. Make sure it is non-toxic.

-Try using different items inside of the noisemaker. You can mix and match sounds. Some ideas include pennies, cereal, nuts, and beads.

-You can use string and ribbon to make the streamers, as well.

-These noisemakers work really well for kids' sports games, as well. You can paint the team's mascot or name on the noisemaker or use the team colors.

-Craft stores now carry hole punches in many different shapes. Try experimenting with stars, hearts, flowers, and all of the different hole punch shapes!

-If you have leftover pumpkin seeds, try sprinkling them with salt and baking them. They make a great snack!

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