Halloween Party Foods: Spooky Spider Cookies

Make a scary Halloween spider cookie that kids of all ages will love eat. They are so easy that kids can help make them.

Kids love Halloween, scary spiders, and of course, cookies. You can combine all three of these things for a surefire Halloween party treat that no child can resist.

Materials (will make 24 spiders)

24 round chocolate cream sandwich cookies

96 black licorice strings, divided into groups of eight

48 small, round red candies

1/3 cup of confectioners' sugar

1 teaspoon of water

Function of materials:

Each round chocolate cream cookie makes one spider's body.

Each licorice string acts as a spider's leg. Hence, the licorice strings should be very thin and approximately 5-6 inches long. Each cookie should have eight legs.

The small red candies will become the spiders' eyes. Each spider should receive two eyes.

Both the confectioner's sugar and the water should be combined to make the "glue" for attaching the spiders' various parts together.

Transforming your cookies into spiders step by step:


1) Separate the tops and bottoms of the sandwich cookies.

2) If the licorice strings and red candies are not already the correct size cut them to the appropriate size.

3) Mix the confectioners' sugar and water together in a bowl. Stir until it arrives at the proper consistency. To check consistency, scoop the "glue" up onto a spoon and hold the spoon upside down. If the "glue" falls back into the bowl immediately it is too thin. This problem can be easily remedied by adding more sugar to the bowl to thicken it up a little. If the "glue" drops slowly back into the bowl you have the proper consistency and are ready to begin assembly. If the "glue" looks too thick, thin it out by adding water two drops at a time until your mixture is ready.


1) Press the licorice strings into the cream, four on each side.

2) Next put the tops and bottoms back together. If necessary, use a dollop of "glue" to help hold the sides together.

3) Once the cookies are put back together, put two drops of the "glue" side by side toward the front of the cookie. Cover the "glue" with two red candies and let them dry.

When you finish you should have 24 spider cookies, each complete with eight legs and two scary red eyes. All elements of the cookies are edible. Recipe can be adjusted according to the number of guests you are expecting.

See how easy that was? In only 6 steps, you can complete multiple trays full of spooky and sweet treats that kids of all ages will enjoy. Don't spend all day laboring over your kitchen counter. Gather up these materials and take them to your family's dining table. Show the kids how to make one or two of them. Let them practice while you watch. Once you are certain that they have it right, leave the cookies to the kids so you can get on with other party details such as decorations. Or, if you are looking to spend quality time with the kids before the party, sit down with them and you can make the cookies as a family.

To tie in your scary cookies to the rest of the party, hang plenty of scary cobwebs in each room of the house as well as outside the front door. Place dozens of creepy, crawly black plastic spiders inside the spider webs and admire the effect.

Enjoy the party!

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