Hand Made Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Victorian ornamentation reminds us of lavish touches and fragrant scents, memories that can affordably be brought into our own homes at Christmas with everyday crafting supplies to create fabulous ornaments.

Christmas decorations are a welcome way to add holiday spirit to our homes and uplift our family and friends. Victorian ornamentation reminds us of lavish gold brocade, battenberg lace touches and the fragrant scents of dried flowers and herbs. All of these memories can be brought into our own homes at Christmas with everyday crafting supplies to create fabulous ornaments.


Using left over wall paper or border reminates you can make easy fans to decorate your tree. These are especially charming if they match the wall paper in your room because it coordinates the seasonal tree with your existing decor. Cut your wallpaper in strips and begin folding the paper back and forth like a fan. Fold up the bottom gathered part of the paper and staple the fan to keep it's shape. Next hotglue lace, beaded crafting pearls, ribbon or pre-made roses and dried flowers to finish the look and cover the staple.

You can also make the fans out of flat lace panels by cutting the lace 10 to 12x4 to 5 inch. Saturate the fabric lace with liquid starch. Fan flod the wet lace making 7 to 10 vertical folds as described above. After they are dry open the folds and add ribbon or tassels to the ends of the fan to hold it together and finish your look.


Choosing a beautiful taffeta or other shiny fabric, cut out two identical heart shapes. One both pieces of fabric sew a piece of flat lace across the widest part of the heart. Continue sewing ribbon and other kinds of lace horizontally across the heart as desired. Zig Zag a narrow ribbon loop to the top of one heart. Pin the heart pieces together with the front of the fabric and lace facing towards each other. Sew all the way around leaving a space to turn your pattern. Stuff the inside of the heart fabric with a mixture of cotton fill and potpourri. Use a blind stitch to close your hole. Your finished fabric heart can be used as a gift to scent a lingerie drawer. It would be beautiful hanging in a cedar closet or blanket chest or as a package topper!


Doily's are a fun way to add Victorian charm to your tree. By stiffening your pre-made doily it can nicely hold any shape you want from angel wings to dainty snowflakes. To help your doily hold its shape, pin waxed paper to a card board to protect it. Next, dip the fabric in liquid starch and completely soak it till it's dripping wet. Pat excess stiffener off with paper towel, do not wring out the fabric. Lay the material on the prepared wax covered board and stretch and pin it into shape. If you are making snowflakes you could sprinkle a fine dusting of glitter on top of the wet glue and then allow to dry overnight. Angels can be further embellished suing wooden beads handpainting the angels face with soft curly doll hair or use small glass beads to string together to create a body.


There are a number of decorating options using clear glass ornaments. Lift up the metal cap of the ornament and fill it with a variety of fun materials to create just the look you want. Potpourri is beautiful when it is inserted into the ball and smells wonderful each year. You can match your Victorian tree by hotgluing ribbon and strands of crafting pearls to the metal cap before reassembling the ornament.

You could also stuff the ornament with gold or silver curling ribbon and small sparkling confetti. You will need to cut the ribbon into five pieces about 6 inches long. Curl the ribbon at both ends and place half the ribbon inside the ball and half outside the ball. The metal cap will hold the ribbon in place!

For an elegant look cut three inch lengths of sheet music so it measures approximately 1/2 inch narrower than the diameter of the ball and place that inside the ornament.

You could also use a clear drying glue to wrap the ornament ball in a wide piece of flat lace. Choose lace with several cutouts and a dainty elegant feel.


You will need the following items to make beautiful pomander balls.

Plastic Foam Ball

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Sheet Moss

Small Chestnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Whole Cloves, Allspice Berries, Juniper Berries, Dried Rosehip & Miniature Hemlock Pinecones.

Each nut is attached individually using the hot glue. Try making a ball with only two or three of the above ingredients by gluing a thin layer of sheet moss on the ball. Next start adding the other nuts in a horizontal ring around the ball, one layer at a time. Last fill in the gaps with the second kind of nut or berry. You can gold leaf the pomander or leave them natural. Don't forget to add a satin ribbon loop for hanging. Not only used as an ornament, these spice balls are beautiful topiaries as well!

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