What Is Handwriting Analysis?

What is handwriting analysis? Learn what handwriting analysis is about. Handwriting is unique to each individual; the form of writing can be distinguished from one person to another and can reveal a persons...

Handwriting is unique to each individual; the form of writing can be distinguished from one person to another and can reveal a persons character. Handwriting analysis is a projective technique, which can give insight information about a person's social skills, thinking styles, work habits and ways of dealing with stress. Many employers are using this technique to distinguish good employees from bad ones.

"When we analyze hand writing, the writing implement is very important," says Sheila Kurtz, president and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group and Chief Graphology Officer of the Pilot Pen Corporation. She has written four books on handwriting analysis. "It is the study and graphic interpretation of the personality and character of handwriting. We study the strokes and the writing. Graphology is the generic term for all handwriting analysis. Strokes meaning I, dots, t bars and loops. We study all the strokes, margins, and spacing to determine the personality and we go through approximately 275 traits of a personality."

According to the website Handwriting. Org, it is a way to compare different personalities and their potential for compatibility in the areas of problem solving, interpersonal skills, how they would fit into a team situation, and how they will react under pressure. It is also a way to analyze a person's emotional development and stability to maturity and consistent actions.

Handwriting analysis is used for many applications, from personal to the workforce. In the business or corporate world, it is used for pre-employment screening, sales profiles, integrity testing, compatibility evaluations, reevaluations of employees, and team building. Many individuals have their handwriting analysis attached to their resume, so employers can read what analysists have found in their handwriting analysis. The analysis is 90-92 percent accurate, says Kurtz.

"Handwriting analysis has been used in Europe for hundreds of years as a prime hiring tool and as an assessment of royal attends," says Kurtz. "In France, 80 percent of businesses use handwriting analysis and have Graphologist right on staff. It is used in Germany in almost every application; headhunters will request your handwriting sample. It is used in London and Eastern Europe. In the United States it has been used for about 100 years."

According to the website Handwriting. Org, graphology is the study of handwriting and its reevaluation of personality facets and character traits through slant, pressure, etc. Graphology therapy is a method of changing a trait by working on the handwriting. It is described as a backwards-thinking pattern, says Kurtz. It has a lot of success; it started in France. There are two types of graphology: holistic and integrative. Holistic begins by registering an intuitive reaction to the script based on an overall appearance of the script. It then reduces and individual's type and uses that for the resulting graphological report. Integrative begins by registering what the characteristics of the script are, and building a graphological profile from that.

Handwriting analysis is not fortune telling or associated with predicting the future.

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