Handwritten Dinner Party Invitations

Handwritten Dinner Party Invitations. There are a couple of rules for it. If it's a formal setting there are actually a couple of books out there that can guide you. Brian Hay, a chef and culinary instructor...

Brian Hay, a chef and culinary instructor at Austin Community College and a sommelier who also teaches for the International Sommelier Guild, says there are a couple of rules to follow when preparing your dinner party invitations.

Invitations should be sent out one month prior to your event, making sure to include when and where and a brief description of what the dinner is for. Include RSVP cards with a reply-by date. For less formal dinners or for gatherings of only a few people, you can simply give a phone number instead of a reply card. When including RSVP cards, you should always include a self addressed stamped envelope. This makes it more likely that your guests will respond so you have an exact count, and it is also a courtesy to the guest.. Your RSVP cards should ask for any food allergy information, and if you are going to offer meal choices they should ask for food preferences. If you are asking about food choices you should also include a copy of the menu. This should be printed in the same style as the rest of your invitation and on matching paper.

Include a small card size map with the invitations for guests who aren't familar with where the dinner is going to be held. Your map should be clear and on clean paper that matches your invitations. Cheap blurry copies will distract from the beauty of the rest of your invitation.

For formal dinners, you should provide everything yourself, but for less formal dinners it is okay to ask your guests to contribute to the meal. If you would like your guests to bring anything with them, such as a wine or dessert, include this information on the invitation.

Finally, dinner invitations should suggest something about the atmosphere of the party. If this is a formal party and you expect tuxedos and full length gowns, then you need to say so. People will not know how to dress unless you tell them and no one wants to be embarrassed by showing up to a party either over or under dressed. If you are having an informal dinner such as a luau, let people know that shorts and grass skirts are acceptable and encouraged! If you plan a pool party, make sure they know to bring both swimsuits and towels if you aren't going to have enough to go around.

If you still need help writing your invitations, you can look for books such as "Emily Post on Invitations and Letters" or "Emily Post's Entertaining," both of which are widely available at bookstores or can be ordered through the internet.

As far as handwrittern invitations, Hay says to make sure it is legible: "The second thing is spelling; make sure you can spell. I know that sounds kind of weird and simple, but it should look elegant. I think that's the personal touch which brings the party to the next level." Handwritten invitations can be done in calligraphy giving them a more formal look.

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