Hanging Your Own Wallpaper Borders

Hanging your own wallpaper borders. When it comes to home decoration, lots of people hire someone else for the job. All it takes is a little time and patience.

I used to hire my Mom to wallpaper for me. Then, when I moved further away, I would just paint and sponge the walls. I felt hopeless when it came to wallpapering. Nothing ever hung straight, and I was always left with huge air bubbles. Then a few months ago, my Mom came over and taught me some tips. What a difference it has made. I grew addicted and started redecorating all the rooms in the house. First, my son's new bedroom, then the living room until suddenly the whole house had been redone.

Here are the tips:

1. The first rule is to mark the walls. If you are hanging a border, figure out the level you want it at from the top of the border and then measure that height with a yardstick or tape measure. Then every foot on the wall make a mark with a pencil. In order to make sure the border is level you have to line it up with these marks. Most wallpaper and wallpaper borders come pre-pasted now. So all you have to do is soak the wallpaper or border in a sink or tub and then drain the water off. Carry it to the location you are hanging it in and then put it up on the wall.

2. Once you have it in place, use a damp sponge and starting from one end. Wipe the border in long swipes, if an air bubble appears do an upward swipe until it is released from the edge. Contine along until all the border is clean and smooth.

3. Wallpaper is done in the same manner. The only difference is: Measure the width of the wallpaper. Starting with the corner of the first wall measure the width of the wallpaper. Hang a plumb bob at the correct width (or use a long string with a weight on the end. Rub chalk down the string and hold at the top of the ceiling. Let it fall in a straight line to the floor and have someone hold it at the bottom. Using your other hand snap the line against the wall so that a chalk line is formed. Using that line, hang the wallpaper even against the line. Then wipe the paper flat in the same manner as the border. Use the edge of the last sheet of wallpaper as your guide to hang it straight.

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