What Happens Once A Home Inspection Is Complete?

What happens once a home inspection is complete? Once the home inspection is complete, a report is issued and the real estate agent negotiates who is responsible for which repairs. When I am finished with...

When I am finished with my home inspection, before the paperwork is done, I ask the client if there are any questions. Then I typically do the report on site, if my buyers are with me. I have a nice ring binder with a lot of different illustrations that is very thorough. I also do a lot of inspections for people who aren't present, so I email the report to them. I compile all my information and do my report when it is done. Then I will do a recap sheet to explain everything I found in front of the real-estate agent or the home seller. Then they start their negotiation process on who's going to do what, when, where, and how. At that point, I get my check and I walk out the door!

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