Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools

By Ed Oswald

  • Overview

    Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools
    Losing data due to a hard drive failure can be a stressful experience. In many cases, however, most if not all of the data on a hard drive can be recovered. How much can be salvaged depends on the type of error experienced.
  • Identification

    Diagnosing a hard drive failure is fairly straightforward. If it is software-related, the drive will simply fail to boot, or data may suddenly go missing. If it is hardware-related, the drive may make unusual noises, and before the failure may suddenly get louder.
  • Considerations

    What caused the failure in the first place? If it is hardware-related, recovery of data will likely not be possible by the end user and the assistance of professional data recovery services will be needed. If it is software-related, it may be as easy as using readily-available data recovery software.

  • Types

    There are 2 types of recovery options: professional data recovery and software-based recovery. With professional recovery services, certified technicians have tools at their disposal above and beyond just software options to recover lost data. Software-based tools usually require some type of boot-up disk that is used in conjunction with an external storage source to salvage data.
  • Prevention/Solution

    The best way to prevent hard drive failure and data loss is to backup data. Failures can occur at any time, so it is best to be prepared for them before they happen. Additionally, take any warning signs of a possible drive failure seriously and replace the drive as soon as possible.
  • Warning

    Hard drive recovery is not a foolproof method for data recovery. Often in failures, a portion of the data will be lost as a result. When recovering data, some data loss should be expected.
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