Hardwood Floor Care

How to care for and maintain your hardwood floor.

One of the most beautiful choices in flooring is having a hardwood floors. They give your rooms character and warmth and they compliment almost any decor.

With proper care and maintenance these floors will outlast other types of floor coverings.

*Be careful of the humidity in your home, too much will warp the floors, too little can cause them to go brittle. Ideally, the humidity level should be around 40 to 50 percent.

Don't use water on your floors, if necessary, use a damp cloth. Sweep, dust and vacuum your floor on a daily basis for the best protection. Vacuuming is the best way as it pulls dirt out from between the boards and reduces the chance of the boards becoming wavy. The boards need some expansion room and when sweeping the dirt is left behind.

Mist the floors with a solution of Windex and water to keep the floors free of grime and residue. Do NOT mix with any type of dishwashing solution. Mixing Windex, which contains ammonia with dishwashing liquid, which contains bleach, is potentially a lethal combination.

Hardwood floors become dull because oils are stripped out of the wood. Adding oils to your floor is something that must be done to keep them looking nice. Do not use products like Murphy's Oil Soap, they are drying to the wood, causing the shine to look dull. There are many products on the market that will help your floors keep their shine. A good paste wax and a light buffing is all that is necessary. This should be done at least twice a year.

To get rid of minor scratches on your floors using a furniture scratch polish matching the color of your floor should work for a few months. Be sure to use this product after you vacuum your floor and before you wax it

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