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Harrison Ford, the actor, read here about his life and film debutes.

He is one of the movie world's most endearing superstars. A man with an incredible acting ability who has entertained people for decades. He is Harrison Ford, star of movie blockbusters such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, to mention just a few of his many box office successes. He is arguably the biggest movie drawcard of the previous century.

Harrison Ford was born of parents of mixed religions and heritage. His father, Christopher Ford is Irish-Catholic and his mother, Dorothy is of Russian-Jewish stock. Harrison Ford is adamant about keeping secret his religious and political preferences.

He was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 13, 1942 and grew up in Park Ridge and Morton Grove, Illinois. His father was a former actor and account executive and Terence, his younger brother is also an actor, albeit an unknown one.

Harrison Ford attended Ripon College, Wisconsin, and this is where he met Mary Marquardt. They got married in 1964 and became proud parents of two boys - Benjamin born in 1967 and Willard born in 1969. The Fords divorced in 1979.

The era of the sixties was frustrating for the young Harrison Ford. He tried to break into the movie world as an actor, but after many unsuccessful attempts decided to turn to carpentry instead. He fine- tuned this craft and soon became well respected for his woodwork skills in Hollywood.

He had small acting parts in films in the early nineteen seventies of which his role as Bob Falfa in "American Graffiti" in 1973 was his most notable and the one that would eventually bring him to the attention of George Lucas, director of the Star Wars trilogy.

He achieved stardom as the character Han Solo in the 1977 movie, Star Wars. In 1983 he met his second wife, Melissa Mathison on the set of the movie "Apocalypse Now". Melissa is a well-known screenwriter of international acclaim. Her best known scripts are "E.T." and "The Indian In The Cupboard".

In 1987, Melissa gave birth to Malcom and three years later she gave birth to Harrison's first daughter, Georgia.

The Ford's live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but do spend part of the year in New York City.

Harrison Ford's most successful movies have been:

Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

Return Of The Jedi

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Blade Runner


The Mosquito Coast

Working Girl


Patriot Games

The Fugitive

Clear And Present Danger


The Devil's Own

Air Foce One

Six Days, Seven Nights

Randam Hearts

He is one of the most bankable stars in the world of movies. Whatever movie he has chosen to appear in, is guaranteed to be a box office hit. He has perfected his acting craft, just as he has perfected his carpentry skills. He has acted in different genres - from action, to comedy to love stories. He may be best known for his action man roles, such as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan, but he is equally believable in romantic comedies such as Sabrina, Working Girl and dramas such as Hanover Street.

In his career he has turned down many roles. Among the more notable movies that he has declined to appear in, are "Saving Private Ryan", "The Hunt For Red October", "Ghost" and "The Thin Red Line".

A fourth Indiana Jones movie is in the pipe line as well as another Jack Ryan movie, "The Sum Of All Fears".

His fans from across the world are loyal and many list different reasons for admiring him. Some speak about his acting skills, others talk about his deep voice, or his craggy looks. Whatever it is that we most like and love about this man, Harrison Ford, he is sure to entertain all of us for many more years to come.

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