Haunted Places In Florida

Travel Guide to places in Florida famous for ghost sightings and supernatural occurrences, listing the reasons why they are thought to be haunted.

One of the top vacation spots in the United States is Florida. With its warm climate and tourist attractions, it is a favorite spot for the young and old alike. However, a number of haunted places can be found mingled with some of Florida's top travel destinations.

St. Augustine is not only one of America's oldest cities but is also considered one of its most haunted. Many people do not leave St. Augustine without some sort of spectral encounter.

The Casablanca Bed and Breakfast has a long history of ghostly apparitions. The inn, located near the harbor, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of the elderly woman who not only lived on the premises but also aided alcohol smugglers. Legend tells of the woman alerting her cohorts by waving a lantern in the night air. Today, people traveling on the harbor claim to see the lantern waving, letting them know that the coast is clear.

The Castillo de San Marcos is an old Spanish fort located in St. Augustine. People touring the facility have been known to hear yelling, screaming and cannon fire. The apparition of a young soldier has been seen staring longingly at the nearby harbor. However, when approached, the apparition will vanish.

St. Augustine has seen its share of tragedy through the centuries. The yellow fever epidemic took an enormous toll on the city's population. One victim of the epidemic, a young girl named Elizabeth, was found dead by the city's gates. Travelers have seen the ghostly image of the girl in a white dress dancing along the gates in the wee hours of the morning.

Orlando is renowned for being the location of Disney World, one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Although travelers come from all over the globe to enjoy its lavish theme parks and resorts, Orlando is also home to a number of haunted sites.

The Peabody Hotel is one of the more popular luxury hotels located in Orlando and is known for its Peabody Duck march. However, the hotel is not exempt from hauntings. A number of people have experienced unexplained cold spots in various parts of the hotel. There have also been reports of apparitions in the hallways.

Not all ghostly apparitions are friendly. In Orlando's Rouse Road Cemetery, the specter of a man from the mid 1800's is believed to haunt the premises. A sudden chill in the air followed by the sounds of an owl signals his appearance. It is believed that the man's spirit is angry and restless while his body lies buried in an unmarked grave.

Not far from Orlando is one of the country's most popular seaside destinations. Young and old alike flock to Daytona Beach each year to bask in the sun and to have an opportunity to have a ghostly encounter.

The main stretch of interstate that connects Daytona Beach to Orlando has had a number of ghostly sightings. On a number of occasions, particularly on a long, lonely stretch of roadway, a spectral car has been reported. The vehicle weaves along the roadway without turning its lights on. When a person gets closer to the vehicle, it suddenly disappears.

Daytona's Orange Avenue Bridge is another famous haunted site. Many people have reported seeing a woman dressed in night clothes walking along the bridge. The woman inexplicably vanishes when approached.

Gainesville. Gainesville is best known for being the home of the University of Florida. Even the university can boast a variety of ghostly experiences.

Constructed in the early 1900's, the university's Thomas Hall Dormitory is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It is believed that the ghost of a former employee still haunts the premises where he spent much of his time. Banging on the dorm's heating system can be heard even when it is not in use.

A terrible accident in the building that houses the College of Education claimed the lives of a number of small children. Today, a person visiting the building can hear the laughter and voices of the children who are still playing in the hallways after all these years.

Although not as well known as some other cities in Florida, Brooksville still has its share of hauntings.

Brooksville's Spring Hill Cemetery has been in use since the 1800's. People have reported seeing spirits wandering around the headstones of various family members. Voices and a baby's cry can be heard during nighttime hours.

The Brooksville Heritage Museum was once a private mansion before being converted. Some believe the previous owners of the mansion still wander the premises. A number of unexplained apparitions and noises, such as voices and shutting doors, have occurred.

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